The Great White Brotherhood and all its secrets


In the western world it is known by different names, either as the White Lodge, White Brotherhood, Spiritual Hierarchy, The Great Ascended Masters or the White Brotherhood, but it does not matter how they are called in the different regions of the world, but the importance they have for their believers. The White Brotherhood is a fraternity that seeks a balance between humanity and all the worlds in the universe, so that obedience and belief in deities that were influential in the past may proliferate.

In itself, history tells that the members of the white brotherhood are immortal persons without body or form, their whole being is made up of extremely potent energies that are perceived only by the subjects who possess the gift of clairvoyance, who are pure and who believe in the expansions of the universe. The mission of the white brotherhood is to help the people of the earthly world by giving them information about their near future and infinite support and they can achieve this because of their status as ascended masters.

Does the white brotherhood really exist?
For some years now, the existence of this old fraternity of Western entities has been questioned, but the number of people who have been helped by them has increased exorbitantly and it has become increasingly difficult to distort the existence of an “unreal” world, so to speak. Let us remember that on a spiritual level, everything that possesses life is connected to a network of light that is born and remains in all the surroundings of our planet, that is, everything is interconnected with the magnetic energy of the earth, so that we can have infinite communication both with all existing living beings and with our ancestors in the spiritual world.

Spiritual hierarchy in the white brotherhood
masters of the white brotherhood

Although many people doubt this, most humans have many past lives, in fact, it is in them where they experience their fears and gain all the knowledge they have today, likewise, it is imperative to mention that just as there are subjects with past lives, there are beings of light who reach a higher spiritual hierarchy and are considered part of the white brotherhood, for example, Jesus, Mary, Mohammed, Krishna, Saint and Buddha. In the Christian religion there are many deities belonging to the white brotherhood, among them, St. Paul, St. Francis of Assisi, etc. Even in other religions of the world their gods or saints are integrated.

One of the primary characteristics of these entities is that in life they gained much knowledge from their divine experiences and when they moved to the other plane, they gained complete control of the minds, bodies and spirits of the people they helped. Its purpose is not to possess the human body for dark purposes, on the contrary, what they seek is to balance the senses and emotions of people so that they can have a pleasant life without conflicts of any kind.

The White Brotherhood and the 7 Cosmic Connections
Perhaps some do not know about the existence of the 7 cosmic rays that make up or define the white brotherhood, these are energy currents where everything related to life passes, whether human, animal or botanical, in this sense, the personality, the guardian angel and the “I” belong to a different ray.

The violet ray: Represents the spiritual order
Golden Glow: It is the devotion and ideals we have in our lives
Green flash: It is the knowledge obtained since we have the use of reason to the last of our sighs.
White lightning: Seeks harmony between people, avoiding failure and conflicts.
Pink discharge: It means love, affection between relatives, maximum wisdom, eternal understanding.
Yellow ray: This flash has to do with the intelligence that characterizes all human beings.
Blue flash: It is the power, conviction and conviction that we can achieve all that we set out to do and even dominate others.
According to these entities, humanity lives and depends on the trilogy between the blue, golden and pink ray, however, there is a minority that does not get these energy currents to manifest adequately in their lives and therefore are often considered as toxic subjects or with purely dark vibrations. The best way to change this situation is to transform the way we see the world, think positively and stay in harmony with the world.

What is the real impact that the violet flame can have on our lives?

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In itself, the violet ray is a fusion between the blue and pink flash, in this sense, love and power blend together to obtain the ability to forgive and maintain an ethereal spiritual order. People generally invoke the energy of the violet ray to make up for their own mistakes and become better subjects who can help society in a positive way. The invocation of this flame is extremely simple and at the same time, powerful, because it can be called by thought, from within our being or verbally, but once it is present, everything around it is tinged with violet and we feel a very high energy.

The power of ascension in the white brotherhood
When we talk about the spiritual world, it should be clear to us that absolutely everything is energy that we can access and merge depending on the rhythm of our life and the habits we have. Ascension is nothing more than the combination of various positive energies with our emotions and the deepest thoughts of our mind. When we are in the ascension, the existing frequency in the physical body of the person is decreasing, giving way to positive vibrations and opening a kind of gap into another dimension, so that all fears, discomforts, discomforts and anger are left aside.

The more access one has to the ascension, the more personal communication one has with the higher entities in the hierarchy of the white brotherhood and that is good, because it purifies the soul almost completely and it can be said that, at the moment of the death of the person, it becomes a being of light capable of being part of this divine fraternity.

Primordial principles of the white brotherhood
Like any brotherhood or select group of life, there are certain principles that govern both the entities and the people who have contact with them. This may be the right way to earn a place in the fraternity, as it is our actions that leave a mark and make us better or worse people. There are some principles that we cannot ignore and that we will mention below.

The students of life study themselves

The importance of this principle lies in the knowledge we have of ourselves, it is not enough just to know our own name or part of our personality, because to understand the universe, we must understand ourselves, know what our limits, fears, dreams, thoughts and the ideal way of life. Once we know our values and defects, we can be one with the cosmos, we can be energy.

Beings of light learn to love their enemies
Yes, it is well known that in one way or another we all have an enemy and for the white brotherhood, darkness is fought with light, that is, you can only end your enemy by loving him. Positive thoughts have more strength than we think and proliferate or are maintained over time, only that is necessary to live harmoniously with the people around you.

The true master is an example to follow
As mentioned above, it is actions that define our personality, behavior and energy, so a true being of light is an example for people to follow. One must act intelligently, without rushing, always keeping control of emotions and leaving aside fear. In white brotherhood, a master is the connection between our world and the spiritual, so his energy must be kept pure:

A being of light does not create dependence on his followers, on the contrary, he seeks ways to form new spiritual masters to continue his legacy.
You must be humble at all times, no one is perfect and we will always make mistakes, the important thing is to identify them and face them with courage and intelligence.
Teachings are not compulsory, they cannot be coerced. Imposition does not create obedience, only insecurities and fears.
A true being of light, conveys the message and increases faith
Spiritual teachers are an infinite connection between our world and the spiritual world, in this sense, what makes them valuable is their ability to convey the messages and that alone is important. If you use this power to get something in return, your goal changes. On the other hand, it is imperative to have faith in what he does and in the beings who are invoked, because thanks to this faith, the course of future situations can change. In view of this, we have 6 characteristics or aspects that every disciple of the white brotherhood must possess:

Strengthening of the faith.
Be clear that the message is more important than the messenger.
Be a role model.
Keep all emotions under control.
To face all the difficulties that arise.
Understand that the universe is energy.
Know our mind, body and heart.