The Chakras and their meaning, learn how to activate them


Have you ever wondered what other things inhabit our body? Science mentions vitamins, minerals, blood, veins, organs and bones, but is that the only thing that inhabits our being? Within the spiritual plane we speak of the soul, energies or directly from the Chakras , each of them has different definitions and specific functions. In this case, what has attracted the most attention since remote times are the Chakras, energies concentrated as circuits throughout the body whose origin is quite interesting.

Let us then consider what the Chakras mean, what their origin is and the existing types.

It is important to point out that the general knowledge of the Chakras comes from Central Africa, right in Tanzania, where the study of yoga Tantra is carried out and the intrinsic connection of the mind with the body is established: Once the mind is dominated, one has control of the body, in this sense, we can understand that pain, anguish and illnesses would pass to a second plane. just after knowing perfectly the energies relative to the Chakras and the correct way to make them flow through all our anatomy.

Tanzania is home to the sacred mountain Mount Meru, where research and combinations of Egyptian and Indian traditions began. in its lower part and that it continues until it reaches the highest, the apex of our experiences, experiences and learnings throughout our lives. With Yoga Tantra not only knowledge of the Chakras is obtained through Indian and Egyptian traditions, but also astrological, Kundalini and astronomical traditions.

What defines the word Chakra?

Chakras y meditación

In Sanskrit, the word Chakra means wheel. What does “rolling” have to do with Chakras? Well, the Chakras rotate in a kind of energetic disks that end up concentrating right on the spinal column and the central nervous system, in such a way that they extend throughout the anatomy of the human being. We can compare the Chakras as an infinite network that encompasses the whole body and turns according to the hands of the clock , as do the spiral arms of our galaxy.


All Chakras have a way of individualizing themselves with particular frequencies and colors that identify them, that is why it is said that there are different types of Chakras and these are identified according to the energies that emanate from humans. There are 7 Chakras in total, newborns are characterized by having Chakras with bright colors , can be red or violet, this tends to change with the passing of the years and the experiences that we have.

Each color is going to become more opaque than it once was, and that happens because of the deceptions, sorrows and strong strong experiences that have changed our way of looking at the world, all these leave a toxic trace in our being and in one way or another manage to transform our vision of life and leaves us more vulnerable, full of negative energy and too impulsive at a negative level.

When there are too many negative energies in our being, they immediately adhere to the Chakras, generate strong changes in them , for example, their pure frequency decreases and deteriorates the bright colors that characterize them, consequently, aging makes an act of presence and not only the physical, but also the mental and with the passage of time, diseases attack the organism . All this changes the moment we reconnect our mind with the body and completely detoxify them, only then will we enjoy excellent health and a long life.

Classification of the Chakras according to Hinduism

Originally we speak of 6 Chakras distributed in the human body, each of them fulfils specific functions:

Chakras según el hinduismo

  1. Chakra de la raíz: We can find it in the spine, right between the anus and the genitals.

  2. El Chakra Sacro: It is located next to the navel.

  3. Plexo solar: It’s located in the armpits, specifically in the lower zone.

  4. The heart : We can place it in the center of the chest.

  5. La garganta: Its location is in the throat.

  6. El tercer ojo: It’s in the center of the forehead.

With the passing of the years a last Chakra was discovered located in the head, this is known as the Chakra of the crown due to the zone in which it is located, it is a very important place for the humans, it is there where all the information captured by our senses is concentrated. These 7 Chakras are also known by other names and as we advance in this post you will know their colors, functions, strengths and benefits.

Chakra de la raíz (Muladhara)

Chakra muladhara

Associated with the color red, this Chakra represents the center of wisdom, understanding and comprehension, all energy is concentrated there , as mentioned earlier, is located in the spine, although it is also related to the legs or intestine and is called root because it is the one that keeps us firm and rooted to our principles , way of life and convictions.


It is associated with red because it is the center of the serpentine fire, is able to activate the rest of the chakras of our body thanks to its strength and power, in fact, can even lift people to the cusp in a few lapses of time. This Chakra is considered the main one because it is the one that provides security , emotional and physical temperance and makes the sensation of feeling apt to cover our needs and those of the people around us grow. The mantra to follow of this Chakra is LAM.


Chakra sacro (Svadhisthana)

Chakra Svadhisthana

It is orange and its element water, is related to sensitivity and vital fluidity in our body, soul and mind. Although it is located next to the navel, it can also be associated with the hips, bladder, kidneys, reproductive system and genitals, with this Chakra we welcome the new things that destiny has in store for us , the response capacity of the human being is intensified and generates wonderful experiences, all this because with it a stage of changes and crucial transformations is opened.

Many tend to associate this Chakra with sensuality, risk and vitality, it possesses a mantra and it is YOU. Once this Chakra awakens, there is nothing that can turn it off or eliminate it.

Solar Plexus Chakra (Manipura)

Chakra Manipura

Due to its location, works directly in the digestive system of the human body , yellow is the color that represents it and although this tone is known and associated with prosperity, in the case of the Manipura Chakra have enough weight and determination in decision making. When this Chakra is active, the capacity to make decisions multiplies very quickly, we see the pros and cons in record time and we study our possibilities and practical options.

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With it the risks are minimized, because we face them, but always taking into account the limits that characterize us or that we stipulate ourselves. With the mantra RAM we go closer to success , perhaps that is why it is called the Chakra of thought, limits and responsibilities.

Heart Chakra (Anahata)

Chakra Anahata

Known for being the heart chakra, is the one that allows the spiritual and physical world in which we all live to remain in complete balance, its color is green or pink and represents it in the form of a 6-pointed star, each of them is a different access to the spiritual plane. The people who activate this Chakra have the ability to see, hear and feel the spirits , however, it is important to repeat the YAM mantra and keep our mind in order so that balance reigns and nothing gets out of control


Air is the element that encompasses this Chakra and although it is located very close to the heart, it represents the respiratory system. The pink tonality makes that the love also has protagonism in us , so the balance is general between the passion, compassion, tenderness, friendship, fraternal love, of couple and the own one, all connected with the center of our energy, our existence.

Throat Chakra (Vishuddha)

Chakra Vishuddha

It is the Chakra of physical and spiritual purification, its color is turquoise, is in the throat and is responsible for making fly the imagination, creativity, joy of making something with our own hands and do it in the most selfless way possible. This is the Chakra that remains active in the people with extraordinary gifts for art, whether for writing, painting, drawing, singing, dancing, everything related to creativity has to do with Vishuddha. With the mantra HAM you also have the healing quality thanks to its powerful vibrations.

Third eye chakra (Ajna)

Chakra Ajna

Owner of the element of light and with the color indigo, the third eye chakra is the most powerful that someone could have or activate. Your location is in the forehead, right in the middle of the eyes and represents the intuition and astral connection , with this Chakra the person is open to move to different dimensions, know their past, present and future from other points of view, will have more wisdom and will understand why things that have given us fate.

Awakening this Chakra has its benefits, among them, strength, conviction, creativity, interpretation of dreams and the ability to visualize. The third eye concentrates too much energy that must be positively exploited and try to avoid people who only seek to harm us, but we leave that to our intuition.

Chakra Corona (Sahasrara)

Chakra Sahasrara

Its tonalities can be white or purple , this Chakra represents purity, consciousness, patience and perseverance and its location is in the head, so it is said that the level of vibrations possessed by the Sahasrara is the highest of all Chakras, can be associated with spirituality, mental power, physical and, above all, will. , that which is only extinguished at the moment of death and its energies are comparable to vitality, pure and motivational energy for the one who awakens this Chakra.

We can identify the vibrations of this and all Chakras in the bones and skin, however, the Crown is special, connects us with evolution, the infinite , the unknown that will soon be revealed in all humanity, for something one of its symbols is the lotus flower with hundreds of thousands of petals, because this Chakra is eternal , has no end unless it is the moment of final judgment, just when the designs of destiny have been fulfilled.

Recommended cleanings to activate the Chakras

This type of cleansing is usually done when the person is on the verge of death or simply when the disease has reached its peak. It should be noted that not all Chakras can be cleaned at the same time, if it is possible to purify several of them in a session , but that is a fairly long work, requires patience and much dedication so that the results are as expected. It is recommended to work with two Chakras per session.


There is no need to worry about the negative energies that usually adhere to the person who performs the cleaning, that toxicity is incinerated, so that after cleaning, all the negative becomes light and will be part of the universe again. Hatred, resentment, anger, resentment and all those negative thoughts that most of us experience are far from being superficial., that’s why cleanliness is energetic, because the Chakras are powerful energies that take away or regulate everything bad from us.

How can we open the Chakras?

Como hacer un Reiki

To be able to open the Chakras we must be aware that humanity is part of the whole, it is neither more nor less than the creation of the universe and neither can we limit ourselves to accept that this universe is the only existing one. Taking this into account, once your Chakras are opened you will have full knowledge of the universe and from then on you’ll have to maintain a prolonged balance in your life. The human being is characterized by doubting even himself, this is due to their bad experiences and each of them hinder the Chakras, for that there is Yoga.

It is necessary to know that Yoga has a lot of relation with the Chakras, because it is through its postures that we manage to open and align all the Chakras, besides the concentration, breathing, balance and disposition that are the bases of Yoga and those that allow us to maintain an excellent health even when we are facing a quite advanced age. At the beginning it will be difficult to learn and stabilize the postures, but with time and practice this task is perfected.

To open the Chakras you need colors, vibrations, concentration, mantras, stones, essential oils and even the help of a therapist if that is what you want. First of all, you must take into account the positions, which vary according to the Chakra you are going to activate. You must concentrate on the location of the Chakra, in its functions and why you want it to be an active part of your life from now on, after that, meditation and repetition of the mantras is fundamental.

Most positions for opening the Chakras are based on sitting with your feet crossed in a lotus shape, with your hands above your knees and your middle fingers and thumb touching each other. Another way is to sit on your heels crossing your fingers without your thumbs on the inside. Concentration is your best ally when activating the Chakras., so try to be in a place connected with nature but which, in turn, is silent, can be your garden.

Reiki: The position of the hands to open the Chakras

Now that you have enough knowledge about the Chakras, it is time to know the Reiki technique, the position of the hands when opening the Chakras , this is important because each of them is connected to the organs of our body, so the positions will facilitate the activation of these concentrated energies. With reiki the hands become the transmitters of energy and the receivers can be ourselves or a third, with this we can heal and attract powerful energies to us.

Combining the practices of reiki with the Chakras makes everything have the right balance, the universal forces and those existing in our body, only then everything will have the harmony necessary to function properly, from the body to the world in which we live. Chakras are powerful and it never hurts to know a little about them. The information is valuable and now you possess it, carry it with wisdom.