Soul mates how to recognize them, Here we explain it to you

Soul mates past lives

Is it possible to recognize our soul mates? Leaving aside the typical Deja vú, it has happened to all of us at least once in our lives, that we have met someone so familiar, that the mind immediately begins to work with fury to find that space of time, that event that brought them together in advance. It is a feeling of complicity, affection, love and even passion with just seeing that subject in front of you is reproduced. It’s so interesting to study this subject, they call it “soul mate of past lives” and that’s what we’re going to explore today.

While we all have free will, when we talk about love sincerely we find a marked limit, because at the end of time, we are destined to meet with certain people and fall in love with others, is something like a pact signed during our first life and remains latent until someday, the universe decides it is our end and we move to another dimension. The encounter between the soul mates of past lives is imminent and nobody will be able to avoid it.

Almas gemelas vidas pasadas

Does it make sense for this to happen? In spiritual and mystical matters there are twin souls, past lives, shaped destinies and imposed missions, in the case of twin souls and past lives, the definition may become a little complex but we are here to explain in as much detail as possible everything related to these events. The soul mates are part of a group of people connected at a karmic level, they have similar tastes and an impressive compatibility.

These souls stand out among the others precisely because they complement each other, however, there is no single soul destined for another, a person can have several twin souls throughout their existence in the universe, this is where they have room for past lives. Living beings are part of a whole and therefore, even if the physical body dies, the soul still lives in the universe, that’s why we talk about reincarnation of people, so-called “Deja vu” and common phobias that have much to do with episodes of past lives that return to the mind at certain times of our existence.

How does the encounter between twin souls happen?

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When past lives have been positive for both souls, they are destined to meet infinitely to culminate the earthly life together, no matter the moment, the age or even the social or moral position they have, somehow destiny is going to intervene so that both people meet and fulfill the designs that have been stipulated in their previous lives. One of the things that must be known about twin souls is that some may be in our dimension and others belong to the picture of spiritual guides.

Generally each subject has a certain level of affinity or compatibility with his spiritual guide and that is because the main characteristic that twin souls share is the spiritual connection, there is knowledge of intense experiences and many feelings in between, so the spiritual guides stay with us at all times, guide us on the best path, advise and support us in any decision we have.

The encounter with our twin souls from past lives gives us the opportunity to begin with a romance that goes beyond erotic attraction, allows us to grow as people and mature romantically using the experiences lived with loves belonging to other karmic groups to live fully with this soul that has been united to us for many lives.

Sensations experienced when meeting our soul mate

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People tend to feel a tingling of the body, this runs from the soles of the feet to the scalp, you can even feel the so-called butterflies in the stomach. Another sign of having found our soul mate is related to the heart, because it can stop for microseconds or simply accelerate to such a point of thinking that you are running a marathon. The pupils dilate, there is nervousness and a lot of shyness when making eye contact, but what stands out the most is that sensation of possession that is born immediately.

It may happen the first day that both subjects meet or some time later, but jealousy and possession (Nonviolent) usually appear when we are in front of our soul mate. There is also the fact that you want to be with that person and you don’t know exactly why, you just want to shorten the distance and be there for them at all times, protect them, take care of them and love them until the end.

When the soul mates are already a couple, everything becomes more intense, from the physical contact to the small moment and details that are dedicated to each other. Common fights of couples take a back seat because both understand each other and understand each other, so they can resolve their conflicts without even thinking about separating for any reason. It’s not easy for them, but with perseverance and patience they tend to make the relationship flow naturally.

What unites them and keeps them together is the hope of staying together despite adversity, because true love is not born right away, it is built with the help of both people under the understanding and compatibility shared not only in the present life but in previous ones. Memories have much protagonism in this and are those that make the soul mates realize that they have found and should not continue to seek among others their complement.

Differences between soul mates and love at first sight

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Although the signs of love at first sight may have similarities with those of the soul mate, in reality they are not the same things, there is a gap that separates the two definitions and there are characteristics that differentiate them quickly. Love at first sight is exactly that; it is born from the first encounter between two people who just by looking at each other once feel that they love each other, it is a sensation of physical attraction and soon spiritual that can be intensified over time.

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With twin souls is different because the sensations can be experienced either in the first encounter or with the passing of time and communication that you have both subjects, is not something forced, is something natural that has an outcome beyond the physical encounter. With the soulmate passion and lust is important, yes, but it is not something merely demanding because the person is in love with his essence, personality and charm, everything goes beyond the physical body that we can all observe, there is comfort with his company, fascination with his way of thinking and feeling lucky to have that soul by our side.

Do our current experiences intervene in the encounter with our soul mates?
At some point in our lives we have certain expectations of the person with whom we want to spend the rest of our lives or, failing that, a certain season. The romantic experiences we experience determine our character and provide us with learning, somehow preparing us to meet the soul mate of past lives, so these do not negatively intervene in that encounter.

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Some people tend to immediately block any sign of romanticism in their lives precisely because of their previous experiences, but there will always come a point where the inevitable will happen and that is when we must be aware that something has changed within us, we must recognize it, accept it and face it, this is part of evolution and will set aside many of the karmic loves we have experienced.

Almas flama: Twin souls from past lives
For the experts in the subjects of the twin souls, there are 3 types of loves that we can experience throughout our existence in the universe, these are represented by the souls of the people we meet with the passing of time and lives:

Soul mates: These are characterized by sharing complicity, affection and intensity, but it is not exactly what we are looking for to live a full life and begin a romance that does not end even when death has arrived. Many tend to confuse the soul mates with love at first sight and is normal, has similarities that we previously disaggregated, but end up being different.

Souls flame: These souls represent an intense and pure love, one that remains intact even when death has come to claim the physical body of people, are the twin souls of past lives who have a karma that must be cleaned with the passing of lives. With the flaming souls we really know what love is beyond physical or erotic attraction, is where we learn that the disappearance of the physical body of two lovers is not going to extinguish the romantic connection that has been born, love will not die.

Consort souls: For experts, consort souls are those with whom we become one in the seventh dimension, becoming totally androgynous beings. We must emphasize that as human beings, we are only passing through the third and fourth dimensions, so to reach the consort soul will spend many lives and many astral planes.

Love after death is unbreakable
In the philosophical field and reincarnation, there is no time, space or death that can break the romantic ties that have been established since the first life of the person in the universe, because although there is a physical death of the body, the separation of lovers is temporary, in the future they will meet again with other faces, new goals, but the same feelings will gradually mutate to become more sincere, less selfish and heading towards a perfect love.

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Professor Zellagro, a metaphysical researcher and Theosophist from the United States, states that such perfection is achieved with many experienced lives. No matter how the relations between the souls in past lives have been, it is possible that they had consanguineous or directly affective bonds as a couple, the truth is that when in the present one experiences the sensation of pure love with a person, it is quite probable that in the past life they have coexisted a lot and love remained intact until reincarnation.

Karma as a detonator in the spiritual and physical love of souls

Indeed, karma plays a major role in people’s love both in the present and in the past, and obviously in the future. Karmic loves mark a before and an after in the life of each individual, detonate attraction or rejection in people in time lapses that can vary between the immediate and distant, but in the end, everything ends up being located where it should be, that includes twin souls.

Couples and people in general need to find themselves facing complicated situations to learn and move forward to finally achieve evolution. Karma is present in love at first sight, when we know someone and immediately feel that we want it with intensity, this shows that this subject had a leading role in some of our past lives and has returned to mark us, however, in our path of exploration we will not only find this type of love, but many more to meet with the soul mates of past lives.

Dharmatic Relationships: Appear to give and not to take away

While in karmic relationships we meet people who come into our lives to remove even a little of us, our essence, there are also dharmatic relationships that only seek to complement us to the point of bringing us peace. With these we find support, common good, comfort and all that far from the common physical desire in all romantic relationships, then we can understand that friends, co-workers, acquaintances or any type of group that fits this description, is part of dharmatic relationships.

Relaciones dharmáticas

It is also possible that romantic feelings arise in dharmatic relationships, they are based on trust, affection and a quiet life, so much so that when it comes time to let go of this type of relationship, it becomes complicated. Letting go of a dharmatic relationship is a true act of love precisely because of the selflessness of the act. Not letting them go represents a serious blockage in our spiritual and earthly evolution, because we are trapped in a pact that does not advance to find our soulmate from past lives.