Prayer to the Guardian Angels and Archangels

Prayer to the Guardian Angels and Archangels

Have you ever thought about praying to the angels? At some point in our lives we may need divine help not only to solve our daily problems, but to receive heavenly protection from our guardian angels. Angels have different classifications, there are archangels, cherubs, seraphim and guardians, the latter are responsible for guiding and protecting the humans who have been designated. They say that only children have guardian angels, but in reality we all have them even when we have reached a mature age.

Many claim that there are no angels, which are myths told by our parents to create an illusion in children, but the reality is totally different. Guardian angels are there for us always, whether it’s to help us cope with extremely complicated conflicts or to give us that unconditional support we need when our feelings are on the ground. Our guardian angels warn us of danger and can help us make decisions if we pray to them.

While there are countless prayers for angels, it never hurts to pray to our guardian angels not only when we need their help, but as a thank you for a petition that is fulfilled or never to be abandoned. The prayers to the guardian angels are not very complicated, you only have to address them with faith and your request will be fulfilled. Prayers to guardian angels are usually made when you wake up and just before going to bed, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do it at other times of the day.

Can guardian angels prevent suicide?
While guardian angels are meant to protect us and keep away all the negative things that may appear in our lives, we, too, must give a little on our part to enable them to fulfill their mission. Each angel has designated a human and it is his duty to speak to him and advise him through other people, dreams or signs, now, when we are facing suicide, things become somewhat complicated. The fact that a person decides to end his life does not mean that the guardian angel has not fulfilled its mission. He has acted as a direct advisor, seeking to guide and make us take a different path, but in the end the decision is ours.

Guardian angels can intervene in suicidal ideas when they are just being born in the mind of their protégé, but when suicide has already become an attractive option for the person, the person becomes impervious to heavenly help, is lost in a world to which no one else has access, no one can see him, listen to him or help him. Let us remember that to communicate with our ancestors, guides and spiritual angels we have a connection, but this can be weakened when the protected deviates from the path guided by the creator of all that exists.

These celestial characters can avoid suicide when they get other sources or haunches that lead them to speak directly with their protégé, only then they can advise and guide him again along the path of good and away from the temptation to end his own life. A word or a single contact is enough for people to put suicide aside and want to start their lives on a new path. The number of suicides would be higher worldwide if the guardian angels did not intervene, so their work is so important in the earthly world, so we must hold on to them.

Now that we are clear on this point, it is extremely crucial to offer a prayer to our guardian angels, place a candle as an offering or simply talk to them from time to time, their company will provide comfort and prayer brings us peace and serenity. It is better to find ourselves through prayer and not be at the mercy of the bad energies usually found around us. A simple prayer can change the destiny of many people.

Prayer to Guardian Angels for Protection
“Guardian Angel, sweet company, do not forsake me night or day. I know you stand by my side telling my steps, listening to my prayers and uniting my heart with all its pieces. O guardian angel who has been appointed to me, I ask you to watch over me, protect me and protect me at all times and at all times, for as a human being I am fragile, I make mistakes and I am susceptible to sin, but I have faith that you will intercede for me before Almighty God the Father so that all evil and negative things may move away from my life and from the people I love.

I ask you to listen to me and grant my prayers, for you know my heart, mind and soul, you know that I believe in you and in divine mercy. I kneel before you as a token of respect and devotion, for I am sure that you find me listening to me and that with your blessed wings you will drive me away from evil and make only love, prosperity, abundance and wealth reign in my life. Amen, so be it in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.”

You may make this prayer before going to bed to sleep with the protection of the guardian angels and prevent evil entities from persecuting you while you are in the dream world.

Prayers from a mother to the guardian angels of her children
“Blessed guardian angels, guardians of my children, I come before you today to thank you for all the mercy, integrity, kindness, affection and love you profess and give to my little ones. Continue to care for them from the heavenly plane, guide them on the right path, intercede for them when they need it most, speak to them through the gentle evening breeze, see them through my eyes, love them as much as I do and, above all, stay with them until the end of their days.

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Holy guardian angels who see everything, who can hear and feel everything, hear the prayers of a mother desperate for the care of her children, because I am aware that just as there is goodness, there is also evil and I do not want it to be near my little ones. God Almighty Father, Jesus Christ, Holy Spirit, Archangels, Guardian Angels, Cherubim and Seraphim, listen to me at this hour and at this sacred moment, I place this white candle in your name as a token of gratitude. May all my prayers be heard, amen.”

This prayer takes place at the moment of awakening and again when the children go to bed, so all their guardian angels are invoked to be with them throughout the day and to care for them at night.

Prayers to the guardian angels to avoid temptations
“Blessed guardian angel, he who was appointed to me to be my faithful companion on earth, guardian of the heavenly light and my prowess as a human, I ask you to always protect me from those traps that the devil has prepared for me, help me to follow the path of God the Father almighty and that all my actions be for the sake of goodness, humility, joy and heavenly understanding. May all signs of evil within me be dissipated and expelled from my body, mind, soul and heart.

Guardian Angel who knows my truth and that of everyone around me, your knowledge is totally perfect, your existence is divine and your desires are good, have the deceptions kept away from my person, that subjects who only seek to harm me are immediately removed and that bad thoughts, feelings and intentions disappear from my life. May my eyes only see the truth in its maximum splendor, may temptations be eliminated, may I act and feel like a son worthy of our lord the creator of all, father of all that exists. My guardian angel, turn me into a sinless child and if I ever sin, forgive me for my actions.

I thank You heavenly angel for all the good things You have given me, for guiding me and protecting me at all times. I thank You for the penances sent and for the trials that I have passed with total success and those that I have lost, because the latter are life experiences that I will lack in the future. If the time of my death comes soon, I implore you to be the one to guide me to the heavenly plane to rest next to my father, there I will learn the truth about his love and mercy. Let me enter the kingdom of God, the illuminated sky, your home, my angel, amen.”

Prayers to Guardian Angels for Protection and Thanksgiving
“Guardian Angel, the one God appointed to take care of me at all times and in all moments, I who am your protected I ask you to guide me, protect me, take care of me and advise me when I need it most. You who watch over my soul and spirit, grant that I may redeem myself, for I am a sinner who seeks heavenly forgiveness before the final judgment, do not forsake me even when the stains of my spirit are noticeable, do not judge me even when you know I can be judged, do not forsake me even though my mistakes deserve to find me alone from here to the end of time.

Blessed Angel, I ask you to take my hand and guide me through the beatitudes of our Lord God. I venerate you and honor you with this white candle so that you never separate from me, I give myself to you in this holy and sacred hour so that you save me from every bad decision, from people who seek to harm me and from those subjects who pretend to influence me to act in bad faith. It removes corruption, envy, bad energies and everything negative from my life. Let my ears not hear the cursed words, let my eyes not see the wicked people and let my soul be free from now on.

Guardian of my peace, my happiness, love, conscience, wisdom and wealth, to you I owe everything together with God and the Holy Spirit. I thank you for all that has been granted and for what you will soon grant, amen.”

Prayers to the Guardian Angels
“I implore you and all the guardian angels to protect me and to guide me from now on, for with their help and with the intercession of all the angels of the heavenly kingdom, God the Father creator of heaven and earth, Jesus the only son of our Lord and the Holy Spirit, I will be able to accomplish all my penances, goals and objectives. I am aware that as a human being I am a sinner and that I do not deserve anything from you, but I also know firsthand that your goodness and mercy exists and that you do not abandon your children or fiancées.

Illuminate my mind, touch my heart and change my lifestyle, because only in you I trust, believe and deposit my total trust, love and affection. I thank all the angels who listen to me and I ask God the Father that these and all the prayers I say be heard and subsequently fulfilled, because I will do whatever you ask of me, I will be a son worthy of your happiness and mercy, amen.

At the end of this prayer you should pray an Our Father, two Hail Mary, one Glory Be and Hail, you can do it when you wake up or when you go to bed to sleep. Remember that you can light a candle as an offering for the guardian angels, but it is not obligatory. Everything must be done from the heart and with a lot of faith, otherwise, you will not attract the results you expect.