Prayer to Saint Mark of Leon


When we speak of St. Mark of Leon, we are referring to Mark the Evangelist, one of the most revered saints in Venice and symbol of the various civil and military organizations in Italy. St. Mark the Lion was St. Peter’s secretary and although he could never hear Christ directly, he became the author of the second Gospel of the Bible. The Prayer to St. Mark of Leon has reached every corner of the world and is currently one of the most devout saints around the world.

In general, the prayers used to San Marcos de Leon are to improve the economic and professional level of notaries and lawyers, because he is the supreme saint of these professionals, however, many of his followers developed prayers that can help attract love, remove bad influences, negative entities and purify your soul.

Who was San Marcos de León?

In the second testament of the bible are the stories of a disciple named John Mark, this is because the real name of St. Mark of Leon was John. St. Peter, who was his mentor for many years, told this saint all the anecdotes of Jesus Christ before and after his crucifixion, so that Mark knew practically first-hand everything that had happened in those ancient times.

His knowledge of the messiah was so vast that all the people asked him to write about them, and he became one of the evangelists mentioned in the Bible, specifically in the second gospel. His legend resembles a great lion thanks to one of his most iconic phrases: “The devil is our enemy and dances around us as if he were a lion, always stalking his prey, looking for someone to attack”.

During the year 67, St. Mark of Leon was evangelizing in Egypt, Alexandria and Rome, but in 1968 he was killed by a group of people who refused to believe in Christianity. It is said that these subjects tried to burn his body, but for unknown reasons they did not achieve their goals. Mark’s faithful rescued his body and buried him properly. His remains are in the Cathedral “San Marcos de León” located in Venice.

Many people come to this cathedral to worship this saint and ask him for favors so that he can grant them in the short, medium or long term. Currently there are many prayers that can be carried out to obtain different benefits, be it in love, work, family, etc.

Why are there so many people praying in the name of St. Mark of Leon?
In principle, Mark the evangelist is taken into account when praying because he was in charge of unifying the oldest text in the world and of governing the entire Christian-Catholic Church. On the other hand, all the actions he took on behalf of the church during his lifetime have not been ignored and that is why the number of people who believe and pray for him grows as the years go by.

Prayer to St. Mark the Lion for the sick

In general, people devoted to Mark the Evangelist are those who have some kind of illness, this is because the saint fulfills the request to be healed, of course, at the time of making prayers must have much faith and the conviction that the suffering will disappear thanks to the healing of St. Mark of Leon.

“St. Mark of Leon, faithful believer of our Lord Jesus Christ, you who wrote part of his life and work and preached his word in many parts of the world, I ask you to intercede before God the Father Almighty so that my discomfort may be eradicated as soon as possible. That whatever pain I feel will be eliminated, that the disease will go away and that there will be no trace of the things that hurt me.

O St. Mark, enlightened by God, blessed by St. Peter, loved by a good people and adored by the world, listen to the words of this faithful servant and grant the petitions in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. I thank you for all you give me and all you take away from me, for taking care of everything bad and making me a better person, amen.”

This prayer is done twice a day and a white candle is lit and placed next to a glass of water, no matter where in the home you place it. After reciting this text, you will have to pray 3 of our fathers, 2 Hail Marys and a glory.

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Prayers to San Marcos de León to unite the family
“Mark the evangelist, who in his lifetime was a preacher of the life of Jesus Christ and served the church until his death, I kneel before you today to intercede for this family that is going through some really difficult times. St. Mark the Lion, listen to the words of this believer of yours, who prays and weeps for you every night so that you can unify the members of this family, that the lawsuits may end and only love reigns.

Blessed Saint Mark of Leon! You who meet our Lord Jesus Christ, grant my prayers and save me from difficulties, deliver me from all evil, bless me, love me, make me happy and kind, for only your faithful shepherd can change my soul, amen.

Repeat this prayer for 7 uninterrupted days with 2 of our parents and a Hail Mary.

Prayer to Saint Mark of Leon to attract love
“In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, I invoke Saint Mark of Leon at this holy hour and time to help me calm my sorrows. You who had as your motivation to write the sacred scriptures of love, I ask you to help me find the right person, the one who loves me for who I am and who I have come into this world, St. Mark of Leon, a kind, pious and loving saint! Don’t ignore my prayers and take care at all times of people who want to hurt me, amen.”

To perform this prayer you must light a red candle and place it near the place where you sleep. At the end of the prayer, proceed to perform 3 of our fathers, 3 bird marys and 3 glories and repeat the action every day for 1 month.

Prayer to St. Mark of Leon to tame the people

“Saint Mark of Leon, a saint who tames the wildest animals and the most explosive people, I ask you to calm (Name of the person) down and make him a docile, kind and unfeeling subject. Change his way of being, make him meek to me and to mine at all times, O Saint Mark of Leon, intercede for me so that (Name of the person) will always remain faithful to me, never abandon me and his heart will open to the feelings that you yourself preached for the world, amen.

Prayer to Saint Mark of Leon
“Mark the evangelist, may your strength be the one that will lift me up in the most difficult moments of my life, may your love be the one that will fill me when I feel alone and may you be the one that will take care of me during the days that remain of my life. Holy Godly One, I ask You to keep Your eyes on mine and to impose justice on the affairs of my life that are worthy of it. May the Lion who represents you love all those who want to see me evil, may your kind heart fill my soul with the love I need and may the word of the Lord make me a person of good feelings.

I thank you day and night for your blessings and for dispelling my general troubles and troubles; may love triumph all the time and may evil be kept away with your help, amen!

To perform this prayer you have to put on white clothes, light a scented white candle and keep his mind as serene as possible. Remember to recite this text with much faith so that your request will be fulfilled.

I pray to San Marco de Leon to keep away the enemies
“O San Marcos de León, the one who loves everyone equally, make the people who want to see me badly change their minds. If they have eyes, do not see me, if they have hands, do not touch me, if they have feet, do not reach me, if they have iron, do not let them stab me in the back. St. Mark of Leon, erase me from the thoughts of subjects with bad hearts and keep them out of my way. You know my sins, you know the level of my faith, take care of me and protect me because I will compensate you, amen.”

Try to say this prayer every day before going to bed and right after you get up. It is also advisable to place a green candle and light it after reciting the prayer for your request to take effect. Have much faith and always keep this saint in your mind.