Picatrix: Ancestral manuscript illustrating how to acquire energy from the universe



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Picatrix: Ancestral manuscript illustrating how to acquire energy from the universe
Cosmic energy is the basic element of life, by it we exist, we move and we are. Every living being on the planet permanently emits and receives vital energy, in a constant interaction with the universe and with other living beings, however, not all of us do it in the same extent, in fact there are those who have acquired some special skill to establish constant connection with the primary source of energy, thanks to the wisdom acquired in ancient manuscripts such as the Picatrix, while others find themselves weak and in need of this essential force without even knowing it.
Importance of cosmic energy in your being When we talk about the basic elements for life most could think of oxygen or water, but no, such substances only satisfy body needs, but life is more than that and is nourished directly of an intangible and inscrutable force that comes directly from the universe, and on which depends the stability and harmony of our being as an integral whole. We are finite beings composed of body, mind and spirit, but the energy that we can perceive is infinite, it’s enough that we can understand and put into practice the mystical wisdom used in ancient manuscripts like the Picatrix, which reveal the keys to enjoy a full life and possess a broad mind, which can interpret the enigmas of the universe and assume the real purpose of our existence. Our being is composed of a carnal nature (body) and a spiritual nature, both complement each other and simultaneously dispute your attention, while the mind is the very essence of the “self”, in which we exercise the free will of the consciousness to decide which nature you’ll give the pre-eminence in your being, according to the inclinations you manifest in your thoughts, actions or omissions.

Limits are in matter, that is, the body. If you only dedicate your life to satisfy the needs of the body you’ll have an unhappy existence without having fulfilled the purpose that the universe has marked for you from before your birth, however if you find the way to nourish your spiritual nature there’ll be no limits for you, since you have all the energy of the universe available which is vast and infinite. In the Picatrix you have the knowledge necessary to connect with the primary source of cosmic energy, and in this way perceive more energy than just the necessary one to survive, which is what most do. If you allow energy to radiate into your being you’ll change completely, your perception of life and your relationship to power will no longer be of submission but of mutual recognition.
Naturally the elites of world power have destroyed most of the copies of the Picatrix and persecute those whom they suspect may possess a copy or are behind it, since they want to keep humanity occupied by carnal nature alone, without being aware of the spiritual nature with which we would be truly free. Repercussions of the proper perception of the cosmic energy for life There are no prisons that can enclose the spirit or bullets that can hurt or kill him, that’s why the mafiosi of power are concerned that we limit ourselves to attending only to our carnal nature, which they can subdue, manipulate and control, but if at least one important group manages to reach the right perception of universal energy, there’ll be a collective awakening of consciousness towards a new world and a full understanding of the universe and life.
When a human being has a real and stable connection with the vital energy source of the universe is capable of the impossible, in this sense we see athletes who are capable of doing unthinkable maneuvers, or for example the Chinese that break bricks with their heads, also people who communicate with ferocious animals and these obey them, or even warriors like Alexander the Great, who in a flash and lightning fast managed to conquer the world known at that time. Ways of perceiving universal cosmic energy The Picatrix teaches that there are different levels of energy and various ways of perceiving it according to our level of understanding of it. The most primitive way to do this is to steal it from our fellow human beings, this happens when we humiliate someone, submit or at least win a discussion. Surely you have witnessed or been part of discussions for unimportant things, in which the parties seek to offend each other, causing the greatest harm possible with their words and each seeks to speak louder or have the last word, this is because they’re unconsciously and primitively disputing the cosmic energy. Not to mention those who go to the hands or those who from a position of power submit entire populations, receiving great amount of energy with which they feel strong and accomplished. Another way of perceiving this vital force is through food, but not any kind of food, but of the plants that are direct recipients of the energy of the universe. That’s why from the top of power we’ve imposed a rhythm of life in which we base our diet on precooked foods, junk food and animal protein, and from children they teach us that vegetables are unpleasant or tasteless. There are other, deeper ways of perceiving the vital energy that comes from the universe, which we’ll be investigating by overcoming the obstacles imposed on us by government minions.

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