Identical image of Christ the Redeemer of Rio is seen in Colombia after a natural disaster


The forces that rule the universe try to communicate with us in different ways, but only prepared minds can grasp and interpret their messages. This is the case of the population of Manizales, Colombia, who in the midst of the tempest in rains, landslides and other natural and sanitary calamities, were able to raise their eyes to the sky to be astonished to look at the image of Christ the Redeemer formed with clouds, most likely to provide comfort and protection to the people.

Conspiracy theories

The event became a public and notorious fact that nobody could deny, because there were countless witnesses and everyone had seen, and many people could capture graphic and audiovisual evidence of the appearance, not to mention that just after that event the rains ceased, the rivers and streams returned to their limits and everything began to return to normal.

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However, not all of them agreed with the idea of ​​the divine apparition, among the different conjectures put forward to explain that surprising fact, conspiracy theorists indicated that it could be a kind of test of the Blue Beam project, by which the elites of world power seek to falsify the second coming of Christ with technology based on holograms, and thus subjugate the world to its designs expressed in the name of the son of God.

Others are inclined to think that what’s seen is a mere casual effect of the sun’s rays passing through the clouds, while the vast majority prefer to think that Christ the Redeemer came to meet him when they needed him most.

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