Gate of the gods discovered in Peru, the entrance to their Paradise


Since man lives on the face of the earth he has perceived in the depths of his consciousness the existence of something beyond than what he contemplated by his carnal gaze, yet only a select few have managed to open the eyes of the spirit to capture all the knowledge that the gods want to show us, but which most haven’t been able to receive because the windows of their souls are closed.

In this sense, a recent research aimed at satisfying the spiritual needs of the population has deciphered the location in Peru of the gateway to the paradise of the gods.

The paradise of the gods described by the Huari prophecies

There are many versions about paradise and how to reach it, however it’s necessary to resort to knowledge inherited from ancestral cultures to be able to find the truth in its natural state, because most of the essential knowledge of the universe was given to humanity when writing didn’t yet exist, this information was transmitted orally from parents to children for generations, contributing to misrepresentation of the facts.

For its part, Peru is one of the richest territories in cultural treasures and ancestral wisdom worldwide, since before the arrival of the European conqueror, that country was the meeting point of different terrestrial and alien civilizations, among which stood out the presence of demigods, who formed powerful empires such as the Huari kingdom that dominated the region for 500 years.

It should be noted that the strong foundation upon which the Huari kingdom and other dynasties of the region were founded wasn’t their military force or the physical strength of their men but their intellectual mastery of the spiritual world and their close relationship with the gods, so for anyone who wants to know the true location of the gateway to the paradise of the gods, must necessarily know and interpret the Huari prophecies.

Anglo-Saxon team could be very close to the portal of the gods

A well-known multidisciplinary team consisting of three Englishmen, a Scotsman, a Germanman, and a Danish, have spent the last three years investigating everything about the portal of the gods, which, as they’ve been interpreted so far in the Huari prophecies, constitutes the gateway to paradise, that is, a parallel dimension where each living being reaches the top of its potential and everything works in its optimal state.

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This ideal society is what the Huari denominated in their writings as the kingdom of the gods and was the prototype of civilization that during 5 centuries they tried to develop, since apparently several of its priests and supreme heads of the tribe had managed to cross the portal of the gods, in addition they had returned endowed with energy and divine wisdom to carry out the mission.

Although the human factor and natural contingencies were always an impediment to the completion of that ideal society in the Andean valleys of Peru, the Huari parents never gave up, so they left written instructions on the location of the portal of the Gods and how to reach it, so that the following generations will continue the fulfillment of that supreme mission.

This mission to establish the kingdom of the gods in the land ended up becoming for the Huari in the purpose of their existence, reason why the writings referring to that subject were safeguarded with great jealousy in a place reserved for the high hierarchs of the tribe. Fortunately the Anglo-Saxon investigators were able to find this place in the ruins of an ancient temple in the vicinity of Lake Titicaca and have been able to read the sacred manuscripts.

This material is curiously preserved in very good condition after so many centuries, although certain fragments are torn or fuzzy, so they were sent to London to be rebuilt in one of the most advanced archaeological laboratories in the world, endowed with state-of-the-art technology.

So far it has been possible to decipher that the gateway to the paradise of the gods could be found somewhere in the mountainous region of Hayu Marca, about 35 km from the city of San Carlos de Puno in southeastern Peru.

We hope that in a short time you can find the exact location of this mystical portal of the gods, which may be the key to decipher many other mysteries and receive the spiritual guidance required by our current civilization, to bring out the best of us and solve so many social problems that affect us.

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