Celebrate satanic masses in the Vatican’s secret tunnels


We all know that at the beginning of the Christian era the faithful took refuge in secret tunnels under the surface of the city of Rome to hide from the emperor’s fury. Today this subterranean network of catacombs is being used by high clerical hierarchs to hold ecumenical councils of esoteric denominations, which is the congregation of all occult sects, including the Illuminati and other masonic groups, gathered together with the chiefs of the Catholic Church in order to participate in satanic masses.

Rites practiced in the satanic masses

Culto al diablo en misa satanica

The satanic masses, also known as black masses, as their name indicates are esoteric cults in honor of the devil, in the same place is positioned in the center of the enclosure an inverted cross and around the same the parishioners practice different acts of depravation mixed with sacred rites, in a constant practice of perversion and desecration of Christian habits.

During the liturgy, Satan is explicitly worshiped and burlesque acts are performed towards the Son of God, parodying Christian Mass and scenes from the Bible, such as the crucifixion and crowning of thorns, in this case to satisfy the morbid of the Assistants the officiants take a young man to represent the role of Jesus, whom they dress according to the usage of the Jews of the first century, and then submit to all sorts of humiliations to finally sacrifice it in honor of the evil one.

In the hors d’oeuvresof the rituals that are part of these satanic masses officiated in the secret tunnels of the Vatican, the congregation relaxes by violating young virgins dressed as Mary the mother of Jesus or like Mary of Magdalena, who are sodomized and later sacrificed in the highest rite that ends the council with the curse Urbi et orbi pronounced by the Pope himself.

Importance of black masses in the global geopolitical stage

This cult to the devil practiced in the secret tunnels of the Vatican is directed by Jesuit priests, an order that concentrates the real power in the Holy See and counts the Pope Francisco among its members, it’s presumed that at present this ecumenical council of esoteric denominations is in its maximum splendor, increasing in recent years its level of convocation among the leaders of the most powerful occult sects worldwide.

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Cruz alreves para misa satanica

In addition to being eminently a religious cult in honor of the prince of darkness, these black masses held periodically in the Vatican’s catacombs also become political gatherings as a result of the timely meetings of important world leaders belonging to satanic sects, place for the forging of alliances with the blessing and auspice of the supreme pontiff.

Personalities such as Henry Kissinger and former President George H. Bush have admitted to their close circle to have participated in the black masses held in the Vatican’s secret tunnels, and also stressed the importance it has had for them on their way to the top of the power.

According to the reports of the few independent researchers who have dared to dig into this matter, letters of invitation to this event are made through the most encrypted diplomatic channels and are sealed personally by the pope, therefore the mere fact of receiving the invitation means that the high hierarchy of the Catholic Church has special interest in establishing close ties with the guest.

This is a matter to which high clerics attach great importance to them, so to refuse an invitation to such councils means the political death of any world leader, while attending them represents being part of the most powerful circle of power next to the pope, alliance that’s signed with a blood pact realized by the initiates in the black masses.

It’s really surprising the level of perversion in the interiors of the Holy See, where all kinds of atrocities are practiced from human sacrifices to worship of Satan himself. It’s time for the world to know the true face of what could be classified as the most corrupt institution in history; therefore we rely on you to spread this information in all your social networks.