Astral splitting astral travel, All you need to know

Astral Splitting

Many people have come to feel on multiple occasions that they fall while sleeping, but when they wake up they are in their bed as if nothing had happened. Some people usually relate this fact to fatigue, but in reality when this happens it is due to astral unfolding or, as many know it, astral travel. Let us remember that, as part of a whole, we live in the universe by means of two bodies, one physical and the other astral; the latter could be said to be the soul, which leaves our body at certain times.

This out-of-body experience can be defined as the sensation of floating out of the physical body, and although most only experience this factor, others have even come to observe their own body while sleeping or going directly to other places. When the latter happens can meet with different people either from their environment or who have already died, this is because they have moved to another dimension, a plane that is not ours but we can cross by extracorporeal projections.

Esta experiencia extracorporal puede definirse como la sensación de flotar fuera del cuerpo físico

Scientists determine that astral unfolding is nothing more than a psychotic state which some people experience, however, other experts in different matters of science refer to astral unfolding as a dimensional event which requires many studies for human understanding; in fact, several totally controlled experiments have been carried out in which the people under study have come out of their bodies and, upon awakening, tell their vivid stories or the sensations experienced, but there is no scientific record left.

For science, even if there are millions of testimonies even from people who have been on the verge of death, astral unfolding does not exist or they are psychotic cavilations of a certain multitude with pathologies to be discovered, of course, this may change in the next few years when scientists are able to make the machinery necessary to carry out simulations of astral unfolding and there are verifiable records of what really happened in front of them.

Classification of astral splitting according to experts
Although astral unfolding has its general characteristics, it is well known that different types of extracorporeal experiences can occur, here the environment, the mental state of the subject, the experiences experienced and even the progressions of astral travel can intervene. Throughout this post you will be able to understand each of the types of astral unfolding and their progressions.

Spontaneous astral unfolding
Near or during sleep: These are experiences lived near the dream, during or after, usually confused with very real dreams or lucid precisely because of the sensations experienced or the sounds that are heard.

It is also possible that the person has sleep paralysis after having astral unfolding, is normal and one of the main characteristics of the extracorporeal experience. It is not necessary to have a deep sleep to have astral unfolding, you just need to be relaxed.

On the verge of death: They happen under traumatic experiences, it can be a traffic accident, terminal illnesses or emergency surgeries. People who have these experiences have mentioned that they see themselves along with people who are around the physical body, can even hear or feel everything, is like a kind of coma which can not come out until a certain time, usually spend a few minutes, a few times extends to hours of astral unfolding.

Extremely strenuous physical activities: Climbing, running marathons or doing physical activities that take all the energy of our body can lead us directly to astral unfolding, you can even experience bilocation, which is known as a celestial event in which you can be in two places at the same time, the physical body in one place and the soul or spirit roaming other places that may well be known or unknown.

There are many techniques in which astral unfolding can be induced, some scientists have used them to know a little more about this phenomenon and although they have not been very successful, they still stand to one day fully discover the characteristics, motives and reasons for which there are this type of extracorporeal experiences.

Mental induction: Known as an active mental vigil, sleeping body, awake mind. Some people compare this situation with hypnosis but it is quite the opposite, with hypnosis psychiatrists seek to solve mysteries of past lives or situations of the past that have been suppressed by the human mind, on the other hand, with astral unfolding subjects can leave their physical body. Mental induction requires much protocol and care in order to function, but it must be clear that there is no way for a third party to see or experience this situation through the induced.

Mechanical induction: These are audiovisual stimulations through the synchronization of brain waves. The Monroe Institute used binaural waves to induce astral unfolding with complete success; they can also be combined with other waves so that the subject can move to the other plane and not only see his body, but also transport himself to other places. Electric, magnetic, overload and sensory deprivation stimulations have also been used,

Chemical induction: At this point we are dealing with hallucinations caused by drugs. There are many medications that induce astral unfolding, including phencyclidine, dextromethorphan, and ketamine. The most intense extracorporeal experiences have been experienced under the consumption of dimethyltryptamine and salvia divinorum, with both you can experience bilocation or simply transportation to other places away from the physical body. There are records that methamphetamines generate astral unfolding only when there is a lack of sleep in the user.

Perceptions and progression of astral projection
According to Robert Monroe, there are two classifications of astral splitting known as local perceptions of type 1 and 2. When we talk about local perception type 1 we focus on the environment, because it seems to be so real that the person tends to think that everything that happens around him is part of human reality, but is under the effects of extra-physical experiences.

The sensations, sounds, feelings and everything that can be experienced in real life are perceptible in astral unfolding, perhaps that is why people tend to have a lot of panic and, consequently, have sleep paralysis. The subject tends to suffer mental confusions in which he does not know if he is alive or dead, he feels tingling and electricity all over his body, it is a traumatic experience.

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Now, when it comes to local perception type 2, the environment doesn’t have much to do with it, in fact, everything is too unreal, you can be in a non-existent place with many colors and with amorphous people or with unknown dialects. This is characterized by many bright colors and lucid dreams. With regard to the progression of astral travel or astral unfolding, there are 5 phases that everyone should be aware of:

Rest or waiting phase: We can classify it as the stage of sleep where the body relaxes and the senses are elsewhere, not asleep, but at rest, as if the entire human anatomy were on automatic pilot.

Cataleptic stage: No movements can be made, such as sleep paralysis and the sensation is terrifying and alarming.

Phase of corporal separation: It is a quite intense sensation in which the mistress tries to separate from the body, you can feel like when you are climbing, only that instead of climbing the rope, you are leaving the body. If there is resistance at this stage of progression, everything is interrupted and returns to the normal state.

Free circulation: The soul has already completely left the body and begins to notice very clearly everything around it, it is even able to hear sounds and touch whatever is within its reach. The control is gradual as the minutes go by and he can stay there or go to different places.

Phase of re-entry into the physical body: There is a need to return to the body immediately and this happens too quickly, so much so that once the re-entry is complete, the subject feels as if he has fallen off a cliff.

The sensations can vary as the minutes pass, there are people who feel that they are sucked back into their physical body and others claim that they are pushed with a bestial force, all this when they feel that they have moved too far away from their physical body and are afraid of not finding it again. It is also necessary to emphasize the astral unfolding in near-death experiences, because it is not only a matter of leaving the body, but also of meeting deceased relatives or religious characters.

There are testimonies of people who, during the tragic experiences, not only moved to another plane, but reached a heavenly path in which they managed to see the so-called angels and cherubim. Others with less fortunate luck managed to enter the purgatory and the experiences were not too pleasant, because they discovered the place com gloomy, cold and hopeless, there are only people lost both find their way and that feeling is highly contagious in people who do astral travel, can even stay there and die.

Symptoms indicating astral unfolding
Not all people can have the same characteristics of astral travel, some have more body and mental intensity than others, however, there is a marked pattern that cannot be ignored and that is where the identification lies between astral unfolding, hypnosis, sleep paralysis, bilocation, etc… The general symptoms of astral travel or extracorporeal experiences are as follows:

Sensation of falling before, during or after sleep
Body too light and prolonged fatigue
Body and incorporeal vibrations, perception becomes confused
Distant sounds, as if something or someone were close but you can only hear in the distance.

Float above the physical body
Paralysis of the muscles and immobilization of the whole body.
Having the sensation of being observed
Running in the dream and not advancing at all
Dreams too real

Trips to places that in real life we do not know but in the dream you do very well.
How can we do astral projection without medical help?
Although most people have experienced astral projection involuntarily and others through studies and experiments, some intend to enter those astral journeys with full knowledge of the subject and seek the way to do it in the most practical and simple way possible, the truth is not something difficult to achieve the out-of-body experience, you just need to concentrate and put aside the normal fear you feel in these cases. You will have to lie on your back, breathe deeply and keep your mind blank, away from problems and people.

Once you achieve the necessary body relaxation, you will begin to feel sleep, vibration and detachment of the soul with your body, do not be afraid, let everything flow and breathe deeply. At first it will seem like a rather strange dream, but as you progress in it you will realize that you have left your body. Sometimes when the soul leaves the physical body, do not stay precisely in the same place as him, but goes to other places and so you can get confused. When astral travel has taken too long, you can remember everything in the morning.

Is there any risk in doing astral unfolding?
If there is one thing we have to keep in mind, it is that our body and consciousness are kept connected by a silver cord, it is thanks to this that we can return to the physical body almost without difficulties, and it is almost because there will always be external factors that try to keep us out of our way. It is said that there are entities that try to break the silver cord or retain the soul in another place so that it does not return to the body, so that, unable to return in time, death occurs.

The risks will be at all times, there may be risks when leaving home, being on the highway or in any situation, but in the field of astral travel we must be careful with the entities of the lower astral dimension, spirits or demons that are around us and try to possess our body and leave us trapped in a dimension unknown to us.

Benefits generated by astral unfolding
First of all, with astral unfolding we understand that there are more dimensions than ours and that there is an astral plane to which most people can access. Another benefit we obtain is that we can learn that our existence goes beyond earthly life, that we are constituted by a physical body and an astral body that allows us to discover more about the universe and future events.

People who usually have astral travel tend to develop their astral perception better, they are open to feel entities and create portals to enter other dimensions through dreams, of course, this does not mean that they become mediums or something like that, but if they begin to have a slight connection with the hereafter, tracing their own experiences with the paranormal world and expanding their sixth sense, opening their third eye.