angeles la verdad sobre ellos

Angels are known to be supernatural beings, coming from a different dimension or world. According to the religions existing throughout society, angels are servants of God and their objective is to fulfill the orders that God gives them, in fact, they are very much mentioned in the sacred bible, always characterized by being messengers of the Father’s words. They are people because they are physically similar to humans, yet they are endowed with celestial powers that make them pure, special creatures with qualities that are most amazing to the human mind.

Christians and monotheistic religions have angels as beings of light who protect humans from anything that can do harm. It is said that there is a guardian angel, which is assigned to each human to be their faithful protector at all times and at all times, this implies great importance and responsibility, in this sense, angels have a very particular role in our lives and we will go a little deeper into these divine creatures.

What is the importance of angels in the spiritual life of humans?
While it is God who helps us and gives us our prayers, angels have very special tasks and tasks, for one of their main responsibilities, in addition to being present and carrying out the judgments of the Almighty, is to rule the lives of humans. They are the ones who lead us towards the good and try as far as possible to keep us under pure, light or good energies, so to speak. The prophet Daniel mentions that in one of the many visions he may have had, he observed a great army of angels serving God.

According to proverbs 8:31, angels were the first creatures to observe the creation of God, who was proud of what he had accomplished, and angels, seeing that emotion, knelt before humans. Believers say that for these deities it is disappointing to see how the best creation of the Almighty is perverted, perhaps by the work of negative energies, however, they return to the energy that characterizes them when they realize that in reality, more people have faith and believe that the way of salvation is with God.

The angels and their help marked in history in the Bible is seen in the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah due to the level of perversion that existed there. God decided to end both cities because he had the intuition that those souls could not be saved, they would never find the way of purity, however, before the end came to those territories, two angels appeared before Lot, one of the people who lived there and helped him to leave that district with his daughters.

On the other hand, we find the events of the prophet Daniel, who was thrown into a pit full of hungry lions, but they could not do anything to him because an angel heard his prayers and saved him from imminent death.

With regard to Jesus, it is said that it was the angels who encouraged the messiah to preach the word of his father in every place where he was and that, days before his imminent death, one of them came down to earth to encourage and strengthen the spirit of our Savior today. It was even an angel who freed St. Peter from prison.

The angels may be invisible to our eyes, but there will always be even one near us to care for us. Some people pray special prayers to make petitions and thank the angels for their unconditional service to God, but it must always be kept in mind that although their functions are based on the protection of humanity, they are due only to God and it is our duty to speak directly to him. An angel rebuked John’s apostle when he tried to worship him more than the creator himself, according to Revelation 19:10 the angel said, “Be careful, do not do this to me, worship and adore God, I alone am his servant.

Angels as messengers of God
If we place ourselves in the etymology of the word angel, we realize that in reality it means messenger, in this sense, it is very clear to us that God created them to fulfill that particular function, either for humans or any other living creature.

One of the most emblematic messages in history is that of the angel Gabriel to the Virgin Mary, because he had the mission of telling Mary that, even when she was a virgin, she would be the mother of a child named Jesus and that in the future she would be the messiah of the world. There are also those angels who notified the shepherds that Jesus was born and the many others who helped Moses, Abraham and the apostles.

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Could angels be God’s executioners?
According to the Holy Scriptures, angels are not qualified or have no direct authorization from God to perform acts of execution against humans, but they played a major role in the war with the Egyptians who tried to keep the Israelites as slaves. On the other hand, there are the prophecies in which the final judgment is spoken. According to the prophets, Jesus will come to earth in the company of an army of angels with flaming bodies and wings to destroy all who do not believe in God.

Hierarchy of the angels
When we speak of the angelic hierarchy, we must obligatorily refer to angelology, a systematic area that directly studies everything that has to do with angels. According to this theology, there are 3 hierarchies within the angelic ranks and we will mention and explain each of them.

First hierarchy: Serafin
They are the ones who stand on the throne of God singing all kinds of melodies of praise and mercies. The story describes them as angels with three pairs of wings, flying with one pair while the other two were used to cover their faces and feet, for the brightness of God is so strong that it could burn them.

They are the ones in charge of illuminating the universe, they cannot be seen by humans because of their radiance, but they are kind and kind beings, they also have two pairs of well-formed wings and it is believed that their rank is much greater than that of the “common” angels so to speak.

These angels represent human actions, that is, they are responsible for regulating them and maintaining order in the universe. Their wings have the color of the rainbow and are round, beautiful and huge.

Second hierarchy: Dominations
They obey the orders of the seraphim and rank higher than the lower angels, but they also work together with the thrones to keep the universe at peace.

Virtues: Their function is to watch over and care for a certain group of people, they are rays of light that appear before the most emotionally needy subjects.
Powers: They are known to be the angels of birth and death. Likewise, they are the ones who distribute the extrasensory gifts to humans, so they choose which human can have the gift of clairvoyance and which cannot.
Third hierarchy: Principalities
They take care of all the territories of our planet, improve the relations between each nation and help to maintain the universal order in perfect condition.

These are the angels who attend to the needs of humans. They are sent to earth because they have been assigned a task of great importance to humanity. There are 3 archangels recorded in the sacred scriptures: St. Michael the Archangel, St. Gabriel the Archangel, St. Raphael the Archangel.

Despite being the lowest in the angelic hierarchy, they are the most known to humans because of all the actions they have done for the benefit of people. There are many functions that these angels perform, but they are usually the messengers and protectors of the living beings of our planet.

Every hierarchy has a purpose, but no doubt we now know that angels are God’s warriors who protect us in spite of our evil deeds. There is also another hierarchy that is not much mentioned because of the bad reputation it has:

The fallen angels.
Fallen angels are those who disobeyed God’s orders and committed actions so negative that they were expelled from the kingdom of God, paradise, heaven. To make the distinction between a normal angel and a fallen one, God decided to tear their wings off and send them to earth to live as humans with certain limitations, among them, the faculty of touch or feeling.

The first fallen angel was Lucifer, the angel of radiance who acted against the orders and rules established by God, so he was the first angel to fall on earth, but Satan was innovative and decided to create another kingdom, one where his decisions would be accepted.