A white ray of light from the sky illuminates the scene of a fatal accident


Just when we live in an age in which man believes to know and control everything, each time occur more frequently unpublished paranormal events that leave puzzled to more than one. Whether it be manifestations of extraterrestrial beings or expressions of the existence of a spiritual world that dwells between us in a different dimension, in both situations it is obvious that there are several elements, which although absolutely real can’t always be perceived by the human senses, nor understood under the conventional criteria of the scientific method.

Faced with these facts, the most pertinent option cannot be to deny its existence simply because it cannot be explained, but rather it’s suitable to open the mind to a higher knowledge, without prejudices or preconceived ideas, in order to be able to understand what these surprising events actually are, such as the white ray of light from the sky that illuminated the scene of a fatal accident.

Recurring miracles

It seems that God has different ways of enforcing his will, because on this occasion there was apparently no miracle in the physical dimension, since the car accident was fatal for all involved, including young people and children, true tragedy.

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However, when everything seemed gloomy by the sudden misfortune, a ray of light illuminated the scene of the accident, in what seemed to be the stairway to heaven that had been deployed to receive those who perished in such a nefarious event.

Although it seems incredible, these kinds of miracles and mystical revelations occur more frequently than we imagine, in this sense doctors are witnesses of the exception of the providence, since there are many testimonies of doctors who say they’ve been inspired or guided by angels,during many of the most risky surgical interventions, performing true miracles in people without hope of life.

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