Wormholes A Tool For Traveling In The Universe

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The mysteries that surround the universe have been the subject of discussion for decades between scientists and lovers of the subject. Many doubts that were had in the past have been scientifically resolved by specialists, especially NASA. However, to this day we still have hundreds of unanswered questions.

One of the most interesting topics of which thousands of theories are still being created today is the possibility that there are different points in the universe, including the existence of different universes parallel to ours, and how to access them. The only “logical” answer that the theory of relativity and Wormholes.

The Wormholes, the connection between the universe.
It wasn’t until months later that LudwingFlamm introduced the wormhole theory we know today that Albert Einstein first developed the theory of relativity. A wormhole is described as a large funnel with at least two mouths, into and out of which you can enter and exit both and with which you could, in theory, create space-time shortcuts to access a point in the universe of light years away.

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In theory, we could make trips that, at first, were impossible because of the time it would take. However, wormholes have not really been studied because it has been theorized that the entrance is a black hole capable of absorbing all the matter, it is unknown what could be generated by entering one. However, it is not the only theory surrounding the mystery of wormholes, as Stephem Hawking himself silvered the possibility of time travel.

The universe and time travel.
Wormholes are a conduit between four space-time dimensions that would allow the possibility of making journeys into the future. Hawking explained that by accelerating one end of the wormhole to a higher speed than the other and then bringing it back to normal speed, relativistic expansion over time would result in less aging of the accelerated input compared to the other.

One way in which scientists explain this theory is by using what is known as the twin paradox; “If two twins are born on earth, but one goes on a five-year journey into space in a rocket that moves at 99.5% of the speed of light, when he returns home he will notice that his twin, and everyone around him, has aged fifty years compared to the five he aged. That’s because, for people who move faster, time passes more slowly.


It is not unreasonable to think that time travel is possible, even to think that governments and powers are already testing this theory in the flesh. After all, no one knows they really study underground.