When will NASA confirm that there was life on Mars?


Mars could have been one of the planets alive according to NASA.
The red planet is one of the many planets that have been studied since its discovery, however, scientists have priority on it because of the great possibility that some indication of life can be found in that celestial body. Many Rovers and Probes have been sent to the Martian body for some deeper studies and the results have been quite favorable to the scientific community, for example, the discovery of elements similar to those of the earth.

Finding metals and other elements that promote life on earth on the neighboring planet makes experts begin to devise hypotheses based on the possibilities that in the remote past, Mars was home to one or more extraterrestrial civilizations and although there is not enough evidence to prove this, the idea is not at all crazy, especially when there are a lot of people who claim to have maintained contact with Martians.

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NASA reveals that there are organic compounds on Mars
NASA’s Curiosity Mars Rover located traces of water, carbon hydroxide, nitrogen and oxygen on the surface of Mars. If only one of these elements had been found, it would only be a common finding on a planet close to the earth, however, when all these compounds come together it means that there are microorganisms in that particular place, it is even possible that those molecules evolved into creatures.

For some scientists the fact that oxygen or carbon was found does not mean that extraterrestrial life forms exist and they simply take it as an impressive finding that will mark history and lead us directly to the process of planet formation, but we cannot deny that from these results, suspicions about Martian life increase. The most accepted hypotheses suggest that Mars became an uninhabitable planet over the years and civilizations had to migrate to other planets.