What will NASA be looking for in this new mission to Mars?


Mars may have earthquakes and extraterrestrial life and NASA will investigate it.
The red planet has been the subject of research for many, many years, not only to determine whether at any point in history it may have possessed any extraterrestrial civilizations, but also to compare the similarities between Mars and Earth and to evaluate possible future colonization. NASA has sent the Mars InSight rover to the neighboring celestial body with the aim of studying first-hand all the mysteries hidden there, including the temperature of the Martian soil and the recent tremors.

Mars is a great planet and possesses qualities very similar to ours, so the idea that there is extraterrestrial life is not at all far-fetched and if they do exist, humans must study all the possibilities of danger or peace to which we will be exposed. In addition, assessing the number of earthquakes that occur on the planet impacts on the desire for colonization, so we can get an idea that no matter what they find, the research will continue.

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NASA may find alien life on Mars
When the robot is on Mars and begins to study all its surroundings, the chances of finding earth-like elements could increase considerably. In addition, this mission seeks to find the extent of the possible tremors that may occur on Mars and compare them with those that occur sporadically on Earth, so that it can be assessed whether humans could inhabit this celestial body or not.

The scientists were very meticulous in sending two probes along with the rover to serve as an information channel and, according to the experts, to send the data collected from the subsoil of Mars to Earth in a short period of time. Once the ship can be installed, it will place a device to determine the number of earthquakes recorded on the red planet and study their depth and range.