What the universe really hides according to NASA


When we observe, think or imagine the universe, we are not aware of the mysteries that the guardian, the origin of our universe dates back to 13.8 billion years and its diameter is estimated at 150 billion light years. NASA has great findings that have been revealed.

Secrets of the universe that have hidden NASA for many centuries
Moving stars in the universe; Astronomers made a surprising discovery in 2005, this is what would be the first time you see a moving star, it was moving at a speed of 900 kilometers per second which is abnormal. There are many hypotheses about what makes stars move at such speed, but scientists believe that stars are absorbed by a supermassive black hole or an exploding supernova.

Black holes; The sun makes a turn on its own axis approximately every 25 days, slowly but steadily changing the magnetic field. When a star collapses, it compresses into a piece of matter barely tens of kilometres long and rotates around itself at unimaginable speeds, absorbing any body that passes near it and destroying it. That’s how black holes work.

Estimates indicate that the gravitational field of a black hole is thousands of billions of times more powerful than that of the earth.

The mystery of dark matter; All planets, asteroids, stars, comets, gas, particles and dust make up 4% of the entire known universe. 24% is made up of what is known as dark matter, undetectable to our measurement technology and invisible to the human eye.

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Space scientists know that dark matter exerts gravitational influence on stars and galaxies, but they have not yet been able to develop equipment to study it directly.

Life, energy and matter are abundant in the universe, but they are only properly combined to create the conditions for hosting life. Scientifically it is known what conditions and elements are necessary for this phenomenon to occur. But the exact amount by which sulfur, oxygen, phosphorus, nitrogen, hydrogen and carbon combine to form a living organism is still unknown.

New planets in the universe according to NASA
NASA scientists are currently exploring new places in the solar system that have the conditions for life, with the goal of convincingly proving the origin of the conditions that enabled our existence.

The different celestial bodies, matter and life until now continue to generate more questions than answers. However, the universe itself remains the greatest mystery of humanity.

It is believed that the universe was formed after the big bang that was an unexplained explosion of superheated and ultra-hot energy.

Before this event it is impossible to use the time definition, as the time starts after the big bang. Through the use of particle accelerators, scientists attempt to recreate the origin of the universe in attempts to make the universe less mysterious than it is today.