What caused the disappearance of water on the planet Mars. Humans involved?

Que ocasiono la desaparición del agua en el planeta marte ¿Humanos Implicados?

Mars has been, perhaps, the most researched planet by scientists around the world. It’s just that the Red Planet has given us more questions than answers since the first minute of its discovery. The question of whether there was ever any kind of life, intelligent or not, is still an obsession for science and that is that the evidence of organic materials fit for life is there, only that some have disappeared. It is not known how or why, but the disappearance of the water from Mars is the biggest question that envelops the planet.

Is there evidence that the planet had water in the past? Of course there is, then how can we possibly be talking about the disappearance of water completely? That’s what we don’t know.

The disappearance of water from the planet Mars, an enigma that moves the world.
There has always been hope that humans can colonize the Red Planet, but as long as there is no evidence that the vital liquid exists, it is impossible. The evidence that on Mars there was water in some puto of history exists, the water erosion of the rocks and the discovery of basins, beds and minerals typical of water on the surface of the planet only suggest that there was water circulating freely on its surface. However, in all the investigations that have been carried out, absolutely nothing, or at least nothing comparable to what should have been found, has been found.

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waterless Mars

Many specialists say that surface water may have been transported in some way underground, but the presence of underground aquifers has also been elusive in research.

What happened to the water on the planet Mars?
It’s not known. It’s as simple as that.

Many claim that perhaps some solar surge evaporated the water in its entirety, but there is no evidence that our star has ever radiated so much heat and the most compelling proof that this has not happened is humans. Others argue that it is because its core has cooled so much, which is most likely the case, but we would fall back to another question: Why did its core cool down?

There are real beliefs that Mars water was artificially “removed” by some external agent. After all, the existence of intelligent extraterrestrial life has always been a present theme when inexplicable mysteries related to the universe are touched upon.