Was it a real accident that NASA burned evidence of alien life on Mars?

¿Fue un verdadero error que la NASA quemara evidencia de vida extraterrestre en Marte?

NASA is hiding life on Mars from us.
Mars has been studied for many years because, according to scientists, its atmosphere and surface promise to be compatible with human beings so that we can inhabit this planet in the near future. Experts from NASA and other agencies were able to obtain valuable samples that would later be evaluated in the laboratories to have a final diagnosis of the Martian soil, and Rovers and special probes were sent to look for alien life, however, the results of this search have not been positive, or at least that is what the scientists say.

Previously, several expeditions to both the Moon and Mars had been scheduled, so that they could study first-hand the oxygen of the red planet and find extraterrestrial life forms. The same was thought of the Moon, but every time the projects were accepted, something happened that prevented the astronauts from ever stepping on the natural satellite again or even reaching Mars. Recently, information leaked out that shocked the world: NASA destroyed documents confirming the existence of the alien.

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Alien life forms are found on Mars and NASA is hiding it.
In principle, it was said that NASA had accidentally destroyed a series of scientific documents that supported organic life on Mars and that a good part of it could evolve, but this is something really suspicious, especially because this incident happened 42 years ago and is hardly mentioned all this, also agrees with the hypothesis that the space agency and scientists decided to abandon the search projects because they discovered that there were creatures living on Mars, on the Moon and on other planets.

They may even be dangerous beings for humanity, and that is why they left aside the expeditions to the universe, however, this is something that everyone in the world deserves to know.