Universe: Anomaly between Jupiter and Venus can cause an earthquake on our planet

Universo: Anomalía entre Júpiter y Venus puede causar un terremoto en nuestro planeta


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The planet could disappear from the universe by a mega-earthquake.
Rumors have been heard for some time now that an earthquake will be the cause of the end of our planet, some argue that it will all begin with the arrival of a super planet that will collide with the earth and cause the tectonic plates to activate. This situation would trigger a series of catastrophic events in our celestial body and kill life on a general level. However, recently a study revealed some really shocking results about Jupiter and Venus.

It turns out that every 405,000 years, both planets align, generating a transformation in their gravity and generating anomalies in the solar system, specifically on earth. At first it was believed that the phenomenon of both celestial bodies only changed the climate of our planet, but after many studies it was concluded that the problem is much more serious than we think.

An earthquake can wipe our planet from the universe

The orbit of the earth would change considerably due to the proximity of Jupiter and Venus, in this sense, it becomes a bit elliptical due to the powerful force of gravity of both planets and although most scientists say that this is a passing thing, it is very likely that these gravitational forces will activate the earth’s tectonic plates and consequently, many natural disasters will be generated.

Not only will there be a great earthquake that will have repercussions all over the planet, but after that, volcanoes will erupt, hurricanes will break out and the sea will grow in such a way that a tsunami will destroy everything in its path. On the other hand, one of the hypotheses that has been leaked is that the position of the earth’s magnetic poles will undergo a sudden change, causing the climate of our planet to change drastically. If we analyze all this, it is very clear that we could be very close to the end of the world, as mentioned in the prophecies.