Universe: Amazing discovery on the moon of the planet Jupiter

Universo: Asombroso hallazgo en la luna del planeta Júpiter

Universe: There are signs of water on the moon of the planet Jupiter

NASA scientists have been evaluating the moon of the planet Jupiter and after much study and research they seem to have found something extremely impressive. According to NASA’s team of space physicists, Europe, Jupiter’s moon, has liquid water on its surface, meaning that the chances of finding life there are considerable.

In 1997 some samples were collected in Europe thanks to the Galileo spacecraft sent by NASA, however, at that time there was no technology available today, with sophisticated models that could be used to elaborate simulations and make everything that was observed make sense not only to scientists, but also to other people interested in planetary issues.

Water in Europe is a sign of life in the universe and possibly on the planet Jupiter.
Planet Jupiter Water

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The liquid water found on the surface of that moon produces geysers, these are hot springs from which steam and hot water emanate. One of the most famous geysers on our planet is the one found in Iceland, and it is truly amazing to scientists that right on the moon in Europe one finds this type of water column, especially if it is on a frozen surface layer.

The explorers of the Galileo mission did not realize that the spacecraft was touching a geyser on the frozen moon, but most likely this was overlooked because when it comes to geysers, their material ionizes and emits a sound similar to that of a beep when there is magnetic contact or, worth the redundancy, which is generated within a magnetic field. This finding could confirm a new mission to Europe, as it is estimated that if the following studies go as expected by scientists, NASA’s mission will take place by 2022.