United States Prepares for Geomagnetic Storm

The United States is preparing for a geomagnetic storm.

A few months ago we learned of a study by an English meteorologist named Catherine Burnett, in which she alerted the world to the dangers that some geomagnetic storms on Earth could cause, which could cause total devastation and that humans would only have fifteen minutes to prepare.

Although many other specialists called it an alarmist, just a couple of days before the end of 2018, the news leaked that the U.S. Marine Corps has been preparing for a possible Great Solar Storm since February last year.

The strange thing about the matter is why the U.S. citizenry had not been told about it. Although many people still consider this statement to be extreme, the fact is that the Special Marine Corps is not a team that prepares for “nothing.

¿Misterioso? Estados Unidos se prepara para una tormenta geomagnética

U.S. Marine Corps Prepares for Major Geomagnetic Storm

According to Burnett’s study, these great geomagnetic storms, caused by the expulsion of the cornal mass of the Sun, could completely surround the Earth, generating an era of darkness and provoking a general devastation on the planet.

According to the study, the governments of the world would only have fifteen minutes to warn us about what a dramatic geomagnetic storm would provoke and how it would affect us. Dr. Melanie Windridge, with a PhD from Imperial College London, seconded Burnett’s study.

The powerful geomagnetic storms have been annexed to an extensive list of natural phenomena that could, according to their general characteristics, cause catastrophes on the planet, which can even be irreparable.

¿Misterioso? Estados Unidos se prepara para una tormenta geomagnética

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Preparing to counteract a geomagnetic storm

That is why it has been one of the most surprising news at the end of 2018. The Marine Corps of the U.S. country has since early last year preparing in case a major geomagnetic storm hits the earth and has just leaked such information.

Under these instructions, the entire U.S. Navy department, along with the Marine Corps, has had to prepare to respond correctly to an extreme solar phenomenon or an artificial EMP, which would involve, among other things, many aspects to be taken into account.

Among the most important measures is to “ensure that all electrical and communication equipment is kept operational and undamaged. Promote the transfer of equipment that helps manage, minimize and reduce the impacts of electromagnetic pulses and space weather phenomena, including coronal mass ejections. It also highlights “Expand capabilities in the face of phenomena”. Planning, organizing, training, equipping and exercising all bodies to function properly and sustain themselves in situations in which they must prevent, protect, mitigate and recover their calm in the face of electromagnetic phenomena.

In this way, the United States Marine Corps would provide, in its entirety, support for the continuity of the Government and for the necessary operations and missions to be carried out.

¿Misterioso? Estados Unidos se prepara para una tormenta geomagnética

A move to prevent the impact of a geomagnetic storm?

As can be seen, this is a total training in which some passages of the document where the instructions stand out, seems to be oriented more towards the E3 comment of the pulse (oriented much more towards a dramatic solar phenomenon with geomagnetic characteristics) than towards some type of artificial pulse attack, although in both cases it could be very dangerous.

Since the middle of last year, the news that a great geomagnetic storm could lash the Earth and cause total chaos on the planet has been latent among all the theorists and specialists, even though it has not yet happened and many call it alarmist, the U.S. government seems to be sure of this situation, so it is preparing its army to face the event.