This is the extra-solar planet that could harbor life

Este es el planeta extrasolar que podría albergar vida


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WASP-39b, the extrasolar planet with water in liquid form
Scientists have dedicated many years to the study of the universe and thanks to that many amazing things have been discovered in it, for example, the characteristics of all the planets of our solar system and those extrasolar planets with elements similar to those of the earth. The latter are of great interest to the scientific community because of the possibilities that life signs may be found or that they may be inhabited by humans.

WASP-39b is an exoplanet that is very close to its star, that’s why it is known among scientists as the so-called “planet hell” because being a short distance from the sun, its temperature is too high. It has certain factors that in principle make it an uninhabitable planet, however, new discoveries can change this fact. The studies have yielded favorable results for the experts, as large amounts of liquid water were found on the surface of WASP-39b.

The extra planet takes four days to surround its star.
The proximity of this exoplanet to its star made many scientists question all the possibilities of life that it could have, the main reason being that having such a high temperature meant that it was impossible to store water because, according to scientists, it would evaporate in a few lapses of time. However, all these thoughts were discarded after large amounts of water were found on the extrasolar planet, it even has 4 times more than Saturn.

This may indicate that the life forms in that celestial body can adapt to the climate and temperature in a simple way, and there may even be extraterrestrial civilizations. The experts continue to conduct studies to determine whether a mission to WASP-39b can begin to be planned and to discard first-hand the existence of microorganisms living on that exoplanet and begin preparations for possible colonization.