This extraordinary NASA image contains a great mystery.


Among the enigmas and mysteries contained in NASA’s research, the most famous photo taken by the organization cannot be overlooked. Although decades have passed and it is still the great question that no one has been able to decipher, it is who would be the author of the most famous photo of our planet Earth, and the one of greatest relevance, even to this day it is still the most downloaded of the NASA archives.

How the most famous and relevant photo of the earth taken by NASA was taken
That night of December 7, 1972, Apollo 17 left the ship on a mission from NASA to space to continue researching the universe, exploring our atmosphere, at 5 am one of the crew decided to take a camera to take a picture of the earth as it was the best time to have the sun behind the astronauts was appreciated in all its splendor of lighting and as the crew report resembled a large glass sphere, a giant blue marble, hence the name of this famous photograph of the earth called the blue marble. The translunard trajectory this photograph covers an area stretching from the coast of the Mediterranean Sea to Antarctica, taken by a Hasselblad brand camera with a composition of 70 millimeters had a Zeiss lens of 80 millimeters.

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The enigma of who is the author of this NASA photograph
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The famous image that manages to capture almost perfectly by means of a shot and where almost the entire panorama of the planet earth is observed from space contains a secret, apart from the question of why it was not published by the NASA at once but many days later specifically on December 23rd so that the newspapers and other media could publish them on the commemorative date of December 24th, apart from that, the truth of the case is that it is not known for sure who was the author of this photo, since the astronauts attributed to each other that privilege, but research done today has revealed that at the precise moment of the capture of this image the three had the camera in their hands, it makes one think that

Would they be them or would it be a different force that made this fact so significant for humanity possible?