This extra-solar planet has elements similar to those on earth

WASP-127b planeta extrasolar

Alkaline elements are found in Extrasolar Planet
For some years now, NASA has been able to find a good number of exoplanets in the universe, each one with its own stars and natural satellites that fulfill similar characteristics to the earth, but not all of these bodies can be inhabited by different situations, among them, their atmosphere, the amount of sodium or the proximity that they have to their stars. Recently much information has been revealed about these extrasolar planets, for example, the darkest planet in the universe and the cloudless celestial body.

But this time we are going to talk about the only extrasolar planet that has alkaline elements on its surface. WASP-127b is a gaseous planet with 20% of the mass of Jupiter, it takes only 4 days to rotate around its star because it is very close to it, however, this proximity does not prevent the formation of a number of alkaline minerals on its surface, for example, lithium, sodium and potassium, extremely rare elements in extrasolar planets. In addition, it is unofficially known that it has at least 50% clouds in its atmosphere, a fairly high percentage.

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The extrasolar planet can give us clues about the creation of celestial bodies.
Scientists like Guo Chen and Enric Pallé claim that the amount of minerals located in this exoplanet can be of great help to them in studying the origin and creation of all the planets in the universe, in addition, it is known that this planet has a considerable amount of water and oxygen, so it is very likely that microorganisms can be found living in it.

On the other hand, thanks to the GTC telescope it was possible to know that the WASP-127b star also has large amounts of lithium and that is impressive, therefore, more scientists from all the agencies of the world have been interested in continuing to investigate and study the celestial gas body, because it is very likely that they will find more elements compatible with the earth or that they will find extraterrestrial life on its surface.