They unravel the mysteries of Planet Mars they’ve been hiding for decades.

Develan los misterios del Planeta Marte que escondían por décadas

It’s a planet next to ours and that’s why it keeps us fascinated. In the solar system it occupies fourth place. Mars is a planet that was among the first to be studied using telescopes, but its surface has only been explored through ingenious space robots designed and manufactured by NASA.

The beautiful and mysterious name Ares (in the Greek mythology God of war), who was son of the deities Juno and Jupiter or (Hera and Zeus), Mars is associated throughout history with blood because of its red color, this striking color is originated by the amount of iron oxide that spreads over its entire surface.

The Secret that Mars Keeps the Red Planet
Mars is the smallest planet after mercury and is only half the size of planet earth. It is also one of the four rocky (telluric) planets that make up the solar system (Venus, Earth, Mercury, Mars). And it is this particular characteristic that made us think for decades that there could be some form of life on Mars.

Since the mid-19th century, many scientists have proposed the possibility that life exists on Mars, but none of these assumptions have been proven or proven to date. In 2015 NASA finally found liquid and salt water residue, but the probability of any life form on the red planet is almost nil.

Although man has not yet set foot on its surface, he has already sent some earthly “representatives” to this planet to take samples and photograph some of its innermost regions.

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Although it has not yet been possible for man to set foot on the surface of Mars, he has already been able to send robot scouts who have collected samples and photographs from some of the most inhospitable corners of the red planet.

Unusual surface light on Mars

In a photo that generates a lot of intrigue in the Mars Science Laboratory robot during NASA’s Curiosity rover mission, you can see a very strange, faint light that appears to be artificial and whose origin is the surface of the red planet. This gave hope to extraterrestrial lovers to think that it was a sign of life on Mars, however the probability is that this light is more powerful is that this light comes from the energy trail left by cosmic ray.

Subatomic particles that travel at high speed through space are captured by the Earth’s atmosphere and do not cause distortion in photographs or telescope images, but outside the atmosphere these particles hit the electronic instruments and are deposited in the pixels of the images.

The existence of water on Mars?
In the different photographs that have been obtained from the surface of the red planet, there are craters that once contained large volumes of water, and the traces of that life as sources of water has lasted over time, evidence suggests that Mars had large sources of water some 4,000,000,000 years ago.