They pick up three high-intensity radio pulses from outer space


The most intense radio signals of all time have been picked up, coming from outer space.
A group of scientists at Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne, Australia, picked up three rapid radio bursts (FRBs), one of which is the most intense ever recorded, according to The Sydney News.

The FBR signals are mysterious and seem to come from very distant places in outer space. Its duration is only a few milliseconds.

What is most striking is that its source is unknown. The first time they were detected was in 2007 and the mystery continues to this day.

To date, 33 FRB have been discovered, but 3 more have been detected to add a total of 36.

They pick up three high-intensity radio pulses from outer space

There are three radio signals coming from outer space that have the following chronology in their discovery
The story of these radio signals from outer space began when Breakthrough Listen, a research project by the late scientist Stephen Hawking that looks for signs of intelligent life in the universe, detected the first pulse. It should be noted that this project has a financing of USD 100 million by Yuri Milner.

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The second and third were registered by a group of researchers at Swinburne University of Technology on 9 and 11 March 2018. These three signals were picked up by Radio Telescope Parkes of Australia. It is necessary to mention that March 9 has been catalogued as the most intense signal coming from outer space.

Because the origin of these radio signals is unknown, several theories have been developed. One of them assures that it is due to natural phenomena. They may come from active galaxies or super-massive black holes.

However, there are those who always go further and ask themselves the following questions:

Are the aliens trying to get in touch with us?

Are the mysterious signals Hawking’s project detected in space extraterrestrials?

Where do these pulses come from? The possibility of receiving messages from aliens is present. What do you think about these signals from outer space?