They claim there’s extraterrestrial life in the comet Eros.

Aseguran que hay vida extraterrestre en el cometa Eros

Thanks to NASA, we have witnessed many extraordinary events related to something that, to us, would be completely unknown if it were not for the immense organization. But with these discoveries come many questions and concerns that have turned researchers, bloggers and people around the world on their heads. But there is one particular issue that drives us all crazy, in one way or another; extraterrestrial life.

For the NASA, although it has been shown that under certain conditions from various planets and exoplanets found in space, there is no evidence that extraterrestrial life can exist apart from us in the universe. It may even sound self-centered on the part of the body, yet they cling to its position. But since the comet Eros appeared, it seems that NASA is more determined to deny its existence.

Comet Eros, does it show extraterrestrial life that NASA wants to deny?
433 Eros, as the name given by scientists, is an asteroid that, at first glance, looks like a peanut orbiting space.  Discovered in 1898 by Auguste Charlois and Carl Gustav Witt in Germany and since then, the asteroid has become an object of detailed study by NASA, to the point of sending a spacecraft that landed on the surface of Eros in 2001, giving us numerous postcards.

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Thanks to NEAR Shoemaker, the probe sent to Eros, NASA was able to discover that it was a complete and solid rocky structure and not a bunch of gravitationally agglomerated objects. However, the photographs that NEAR left us became increasingly curious, as “strange” structures began to show up on their surface that stood out completely from the rest.

According to NASA, there is extraterrestrial technology on the surface of Eros.
According to NASA, they are nothing more than simple rocks on the surface. It’s the only explanation they give. All the researchers questioned on the subject give the same argument, demonstrating a hermeticism that seems forced. However, the NEAR images show us that it is impossible for them to be simple rocks, in fact, it is unlikely to be a natural object.

What we can see on the rocky surface of Eros seems to be some kind of machinery. Some extraterrestrial technology that is quite possibly light years away from the one we know in our world.

Although NASA refuses to give any clear explanation, the saying says that a picture is worth a thousand words and also mentions that silence gives. That is why it is not difficult to consider that we are being kept in the dark about what 433 Eros really is all about.