They claim there are habitable extrasolar planets

Aseguran que hay planetas extrasolares habitables

The term “extrasolar planets” has been on many people’s lips in recent years and is that the need for human beings to find a possible habitable planet seems to be getting out of hand. Many astronomers, astrologers, fortune-tellers and prophets have asserted that, in a future that may sound distant to us, the earth will cease to exist. Either naturally or by our own hands. But the saying, better safe than sorry, sounds much stronger when it comes to the future of humanity.

A solar system with habitable extrasolar planets.
Only forty light years away from our solar system was found a small star with seven rocky planets similar to the earth which, because of their characteristics and the distance they have from the same star, could contain liquid water on its surface.

NASA, for the first time, offers what appears to be a sample of a planet that could host the human race in the future, with conditions similar to the earth and with studies, its surface could be modified to make it optimal for human beings.

the inhabitable extrasolar planets

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Possible extraterrestrial life on habitable extrasolar planets?
However, this is not the only thing that NASA implied. Ufologists around the world have also been alerted because the same agency has finally stated that there is a possibility of extraterrestrial life on such planets and that, furthermore, solar systems such as these could be abundant in the universe.

Everything seems to indicate that what was an open secret has finally come to light and that NASA could no longer cover the sun with the same finger.

Many specialists, astronomers and scientists who have dedicated their lives to the study of extraterrestrial life on other planets have expressed that, despite the fact that NASA has yet to study the atmospheres of the planets in detail, this news is nothing more than confirmation that extraterrestrial life is not only possible, if not a fact that they have wanted to hide from us for a long time.

The truth is that nothing official yet exists, but remembering events like Rosswell’s that have taken place all over the world, it is no wonder that we have been kept in ignorance for years and have actually been visited by extraterrestrials for many years.