The universe surprises us: Niku, the astronomical object that is orbiting in the opposite direction to the solar system

Niku planeta extrasolar


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Niku is a piece of ice in our universe.
The solar system is under constant surveillance due to all the astronomical factors that can be collected to study and analyze the universe, in this sense, we are open to anything that can decipher the mysteries of space and there are more and more celestial bodies that surprise us enormously, among them is Niku, an object discovered in 2016, whose orbit is totally strange, because besides being close to Neptune’s, is orbiting in the opposite direction to the sun.

It was called Niku, a Chinese word that means “rebel” and that name fits perfectly into the physical behavior of the celestial body. Normally it moves in the same direction as all the planets of the solar system around the sun, but Niku challenges this fact because of the sense of its orbit. Another shocking thing about Niku is that his plane is inclined at 110 degrees, a very notable difference from the other planets. Scientists have calculated its diameter to be 200 kilometres.

Niku could be an extra-solar object roaming the universe.
The planets of the solar system have a plane formed around the star, this makes them all stay aligned and orbiting in the same direction and given the circumstances with Niku, the experts came to determine that this is an extrasolar object and the investigations will be more rigorous. Since it was discovered, countless studies have been carried out and even today, every trace of it has been examined, thanks to this, the theory that the celestial body was influenced by another planet was completely discarded.

At first it was believed that Neptune was able to change Niku’s plane and direction due to his proximity, but after analyzing the situation and the entire solar system, the hypothesis was discarded, but experts are still looking for some other external factor that is influencing Niku.