The universe possesses an energy capable of passing through us


At any moment, even without knowing it or feeling it, it could be being passed through by millions of particles in seconds, perhaps coming from the sun, from galaxies, worlds that have not yet arrived by our imagination. They have passed through celestial bodies that inhabit the universe just as they could pass through you, these particles are the neutrinos, they could be anywhere but as they have almost no mass, the amount they can possess is still unknown because as they do not interact with matter the neutrinos literally go unnoticed.

The neutrinos: negative or positive consequences for the universe?
These particles would still be unrecognized, if it were not for the fact that in 1930 a German physicist who broke his brain with the answer that after the nuclear system of an atom disintegrated some of the electrons was weakened, he lost energy, but since he has always kept in mind the theory that energy is not lost, it is transformed, this scientist without distorting this truth insisted that there was a particle that took the electron energy to another place, this idea was taken into account by other colleagues of the scientist and was gradually accepted and was taken as the positive theory of the presence of the small neutron.

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neutrino universe

Origins of the Universe by Neutrino
After this, the Italian scientist Enrico Fermi puts mathematical formula on it and changes its name to neutrino . As it was said before, he needs matter to react from time to time and as you can’t see them, they are only perceived by the reaction of two scientists, Davis and Bahcall, who decided to carry out this study and atrophy those who came from the sun, they built a homestake mine without cosmic and natural radiation, a pool full of bleach where it was discovered that the same neutrino is changing in 3 different types in its trajectory, the same essence but certain characteristics change, these particles are associated with antiparticles whose difference is the electric charge.

If this had become correct in the original universe there would have been a heavier primary neutrino than the present ones, disintegrating into matter giving electrons, antimatter, positrons, but matter, all this would have produced the universe we now know.