The universe is threatened by the discovery of a black hole

El universo se encuentra amenazado por el descubrimiento de un agujero negro


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A black hole grows fast and can destroy the universe.
A team of Australian scientists issued a statement in which they express their concern about a growing black hole. The main fear of the experts is that the speed with which the hole expands is so fast that it can destroy the universe we know today. The scientists claimed that the amount of mass to be absorbed is literally equal to that of the sun and increases every two days.

Universe scholars at the Australian National University named the black hole QSO SMSS J215728.21-360215.1 and found it 12,000 light years away from our solar system. According to the studies carried out at the Siding Spring Observatory using the SkyMapper telescope of the ANU, the black hole measures around 20,000 million suns and grows 1 percent every 1 million years, a truly alarming result considering the short distance between it and our solar system.

The black hole shines much brighter than the galaxy and the universe is in danger.
Scientists said the reason the black hole shines brighter than a galaxy is because it emits powerful gases that generate heat and friction. One of the most important features is that it is 1.2 billion years old after the universe was created and even experts do not have a logical explanation for how the hole could have expanded so quickly.

Christian Wolf, one of the scientists in charge of the study, claimed that the black hole’s energy is composed of X-rays and ultraviolet rays. If, for extreme reasons, it were in the Milky Way, it would be impossible for life to exist on earth or on any other planet in the solar system, because the rays would eliminate all trace of microorganisms on any planetary surface.