The Two Moons of Planet Earth In Antiquity

The Two Moons of Planet Earth In Antiquity

Billions of years ago, we human beings inhabited planet earth. From the first homosexuals to the present day, the planet we inhabit has been the object of hundreds of mysteries that have taken place throughout history and that, to this day, many of you still have no concrete answer.

The Planet Earth and its mysteries
Although there are many fantastic legends that have been present in our history like the lost city of Atlantis or the search for the Holy Grail that was being used by Jesus at the Last Supper. There are other real mysteries that have not yet been explained with certainty.

Planet Earth had two moons in the distant past.
Astronomers say that, since the moon is nothing more than a natural satellite orbiting the planet by the force of gravity it exerts, it is not unreasonable that another smaller celestial body has orbited around planet earth, becoming a second natural satellite. Or a second moon.

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Erik Asphaug, a University of California planetary scientist, claims that a second satellite could have formed at the same time as the moon we know and both would have been gravitating together for several thousand years until they collided.

The theory used by these scientists is that of “Slow Collision”. This could explain why the two faces of the Moon are so different from each other, being the closest part of the earth flat and low, while the farthest part is more mountainous and thicker. According to this theory, the two satellites became one when they collided 4400 million years ago. This collision would have lasted several hours, resulting in the Moon as we know it today.

The truth is that neither NASA nor any specialized agency or agency has really spoken out on the subject, nor has it really clarified whether the planet ever had two satellites and whether they would have affected the development of life on it if it were still in orbit.