The prediction of the destruction of the universe is a fact, dangerous dark matter

The prediction of the destruction of the universe is a fact, dangerous dark matter.

They have made a prediction with the dark matter theory is one of the most widely used in conspiracy subjects, but if it turns out to be true, the universe would already have the date of its destruction. Estimates dictate the figure within some 20 billion years. Despite so many absurd predictions for the most part, this prediction of the end of the world is one that is supported by science. Although not many people pay enough attention to it, dark matter accounts for 74% of the total energy in the universe and its effects could wipe it all out.

The prediction of the destruction of the universe by dark matter. The only one 100% scientific.
The effects of the meteoric acceleration of the expansion of the universe is the least known of all. Dark energy works against gravity. That means that if this one’s gonna be

The prediction of the destruction of the universe is a fact. Dangerous dark matter drives things away, dark energy repels them. However, it maintains its characteristics; this means that, just as gravity increases the speed of an object the closer it gets to the surface, the more energy it increases the further it moves away.

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The only drawback is that, in the universe, there’s absolutely nothing to deal with it. In this way, the consequences of the universe expanding out of control can be predicted. This is nothing more than, what scientists call, “Big Rip” or the theory of mass tearing.

The theory of mass tearing. Prediction of the destruction of the world.
This theory predicts the total disappearance of the universe as a result of dark energy, which is powerful enough to segment one area from another, causing it to expand at too high a rate. In fact, this phenomenon is currently happening and has been corroborated by the Galaxy Evolution Explorer.

The worst thing about it is that as galaxies spread much further apart at high speed, the force of gravity they possess will become weaker and they will begin to become isolated.

Thus, the expansion of the Universe would continue to accelerate further, with the consequences that entire solar systems, planets and satellites would no longer be cohesive. And there’s no way man can stop this process… for now.