The New Planet Ross 128 B Candidate To Host Life

El Nuevo Planeta Ross 128 B Candidato A Albergar Vida

On May 12, 2017, a telescope received shocking signals from a nearby star; it was a small red star located in the constellation of Virgo, called planet Ross 128. The signal was periodic, after a few days it disappeared completely. Months later, there was new news that confirmed that the signal had not been seen before on a red star or dwarf.

The astronomers discredited the information, claiming that the signals came from a satellite with a high orbit, even though they made it clear months ago that it was not a satellite, since they move very fast and that a signal given by satellites had not been seen. Could it be that scientists are hiding something? Is it possible they might mistake a satellite for a star?

Scientists find the new star, called planet Ross 128 b
However, soon after, the magic was found, orbiting a strange star named Ross 128, there was another planet very similar to the Earth called Ross 128 b. Thus, the scientists were not reassured, and continued to develop new hypotheses to deduce the signals coming from this mysterious planet, but what they did not imagine was that they would encounter Ross 128 b. Asking new questions. Could those signals be coming from that weird planet?

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The newly discovered Ross 128 b is a planet similar to the earth and orbits Ross 128 which is a star located 11 light years away. But that’s not all, scientists say the planet Ross 128b is headed for Earth. What is known about this exoplanet is that it has temperatures similar to Mother Earth between 60 and 20 degrees Celsius and that it takes approximately 10 to 10 degrees to turn its star around, even though it is light years away, the moment will come when it will approach our solar system.

This planet has great expectations for researchers. Astronomers are currently studying the chemistry of nearby worlds and composition of the atmosphere, being really exciting in their search for life outside our solar system.

First planet similar to Earth
The most interesting thing about this particular planet is that it has become the number one candidate for finding extraterrestrials. According to the scientists, they studied this topic from the chair’s observatory in Chile, pointing out that it is a quieter planet than Ross 128 because it receives 15 times less harmful radiation from its own star, unlike the earth it receives 1.3 times more harmful radiation than the earth receives from the sun.

Scientists are convinced that if there is a place with life outside the earth and the solar system, that place is called Ross 128b, adding that it is the exoplanet with the possibility of water, atmosphere and extraterrestrial life. What an interesting and mysterious planet!