The mystery of the lost asteroids approaching the earth

El misterio de los asteroide perdidos que se acerca a la tierra

There are thousands of asteroids that surround the sun, which are called minor planets and are remains that were scattered after the birth of our solar system many of these asteroids remain in mystery.

Unraveling the mysteries would give you an idea about the future, past and present of the impacts of these asteroids on the earth.

The Mysteries of the Asteroid Belt
There is a huge asteroid called Vesta which is the second largest of the so-called asteroid belt. The outer zone of this asteroid is mainly composed of basaltic rock, this type of rock also makes up a large part of the earth’s surface.

The different theories of how asteroids are formed hypothesize that more than 50% of asteroids are composed of basalt and another mineral called olivine. But mysteriously 99% of all the asteroids that were predicted disappeared.

It is believed that many asteroids of similar proportions to Vesta disappeared when Jupiter and Saturn modified their orbits about 4 billion years ago and the sudden gravitational fields of these planets caused the asteroids to crash into each other to dust, others were thrown into the moon, the earth and the rest of the interior of the solar system.

This series of devastating cosmic impacts were dubbed by scientists as the Late Heavy Bombardment. Vesta was one of the few survivors of that massive cosmic destruction.

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The scattered stones and the mysterious origin of the asteroid
There is mystery about a planet larger than ever before formed in what is now the asteroid belt, scientists suppose that because of the enormous force of gravity of Jupiter. The enormous force of gravity produced by the gigantic planet increases the speed of the slow accumulation of dust from other larger bodies to the point of pulling out parts of them completely.

To elucidate the mysteries of the asteroid belts in solar systems other than our own would allow us to demonstrate the theory that the few rocks in the asteroid belt of our solar system are the consequence of the force of gravity of other larger planets.

Do asteroids carry life and death?
That other elements of the asteroid belt may have life or elements that facilitate it are based on the theory of panspermia and the origin of life on planet earth.

This hypothesis says that life did not begin on earth but that biological organisms from other places reached the earth transported by meteorites. And it is thought that this meteorite could have come from an asteroid called Ceres and for some reason it crashed into the earth.

In conclusion, asteroids seem to have a remarkable importance in the development of life on earth but also in the extinction of an important part of it. A colossal 6-mile asteroid condemned dinosaurs to extinction 65 million years ago.

But it is also possible that bombardment from frozen asteroids like Ceres has brought carbon and water compounds to earth that are essential components of life’s development.