The moon has not been the only natural satellite that has accompanied our planet



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Before we populated Earth, other satellites accompanied the planet.
The moon has been the subject of study for many, many years. Scientists have been looking for a way to find out how it was formed, to discover its data and ufologists specifically, to know if there is a possibility that some extraterrestrial civilization may be found on the satellite. After an infinite number of studies, research and comparisons, a group of scientists concluded that the moon was not the only natural satellite to accompany our planet and that, before humans populated the earth, there were mini moons.

The mini moons formed the current moon that illuminates the planet

Experts from Germany, Israel and Austria began by studying the origin of the universe and claimed that the main reason for their research is to explain why the moon is alone in the universe. They explained that there is a fairly consistent possibility that our moon is not the only satellite near planet earth. Before this, they presented a clear hypothesis about the possible mini moons that orbited in our solar system and that, some time later, these fell and became the spatial remains that gave rise to the moon that currently accompanies us.

The experts performed several simulations to test their hypotheses and the idea to be well accepted by many other scientists, in fact, with the simulations it is clear that the mini satellites crashed into each other at the time of their fall and their remains were gradually joined together to create the moon as we know it today. From this project, many others are coming to investigate collisions between other satellites or planets.

This group was the first team of scientists to carry out this type of project, that is, the first to have accurate conclusions about the first days of our planet and the first satellites to be close to it.