The Island of Titan an oasis that has disappeared from Outer Space

La Isla de Titán un oasis que ha desaparecido del Espacio Exterior

For years, outer space has been the subject of different stories, theories and even fantasy tales that often escape our comprehension, which make us doubt whether we really know everything that happens and has happened outside our solar system, even outside our planet earth.

Outer Space, the universe of the unknown.
Day by day new news about events that happen beyond the borders of our planet comes to light. This is the case of Titan, the main moon of Saturn’s sixty-two moons. This satellite orbiting this giant has been the subject of many theories as it shares several similar characteristics to the earth.

However, there is another event related to Titan that has puzzled the world of astronomy, and that is that the Cassini space probe captured in image a kind of “island” floating above Ligeia Mare, the second largest sea of the satellite.

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The Magic Island of Titan, the satellite in outer space similar to the earth.
It has been christened the magic island because when Cassini returned in his footsteps he barely saw it, it was gone. Since then, many theorists and scientists have contributed different theories to explain the reason for the formation of such a mass on the most Titan.

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A study published in the journal Nature Geo science attributes it to floating or suspended solids, gases coming out of the satellite forming bubbles in its seas or waves formed by the same phenomenon, but the truth is that there is nothing concrete really.

There are many possibilities, there has even been talk about the censorship of events that NASA has discovered and has not wanted to make public and this would only be the tip of the iceberg about what is known about Titan, because many radical experts have come to ensure that this satellite will be the next home of mankind.