The extraterrestrial civilizations of the Extrasolar Planets could be trapped in them.


It would be almost impossible to make space flights for the extraterrestrial civilizations of the Extra-Solar Planets.
There are large scale versions of Planet Earth, these are called “Superearths”. After several studies, researchers infer that these Extrasolar Planets may possibly be more habitable than planets of similar size to Earth. Despite this, research also points to the difficulties that extraterrestrial civilizations of the Extrasolar Planets would have in carrying out space travel. The following study was presented on the LiveScience portal.

It turns out that to send a spacecraft of the same size as the Apollo, a rocket on any Super Earth would require a mass of approximately 440,000 tons. This is because it would require large amounts of fuel to achieve such a goal, the study reveals. By comparison, this would be equivalent to the mass of the Great Pyramid of Guiza in Egypt.

“On more massive planets, space flights would be exponentially more expensive.”

This is what Michael Hippke, author of the study, who stands out as an independent researcher, says. It is also affiliated with the Sonneberg Observatory in Germany. “Such civilizations would not have satellite televisions, lunar missions or a Hubble space telescope.”

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Potential extraterrestrial civilizations of the Extra-Solar Planets are being discovered. These revolve around other stars, the existence of the ideal conditions for the emergence of life that these enormous planets have is increasingly assumed. In this sense, several Superearths have been discovered with areas suitable for habitation. It should be noted that there is the possibility of finding liquid water and various life forms such as on Planet Earth.

Difficulties of the extraterrestrial civilizations of the Extra-Solar Planets in executing missions and trips to outer space
However, the problem is that, if any of these Extrasolar Planets actually possess extraterrestrial life. For the advanced civilizations of these, it would be practically impossible to perform a space flight. This is because the attraction of gravity to such large celestial objects is extremely strong.

Hippke showed by calculation how difficult it would be for the inhabitants of a Super-land to launch a conventional rocket. For this I take as a reference the planet Kepler-20b which is 70% wider and ten times more massive than our Earth.

Consider that on a planet like Kepler-20b, the launch speed must be approximately 2.4 times faster than on Earth.

“Superearth civilizations are much less likely to explore the stars,” said Hippke. “Instead, they would be’imprisoned’ to some extent on their home planet. For example, they would use more lasers or radio telescopes for interstellar communication instead of sending probes or spaceships,” the scientist suggested.

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