The events of the Universe and their consequences on Earth

Los eventos del Universo y sus consecuencias en la Tierra

It is said that everything that happens in the universe affects us in some way. Every event that occurs in space will have consequences on earth in one way or another at some point in history.

Although technology has advanced us a great deal in the fields of astronomy, there are still many mysteries that surround the universe that we do not know or that simply do not have answers.

The city of Rezh, in Russia, witnessed an unexplained event; a strange light set its night sky on fire in 2014 and today, neither the authorities nor the government have given any official version of it. Not even the locals are sure that it could have caused the strange light that burned its sky.

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A strange light illuminated the sky in Russia. Is something wrong with the universe?
What happened? What caused the light? Many questions arise four years after the strange event. By then there was no evidence of military activity, much less scientific activity. Rezh is a small, quiet town that never had anything like it, and so the locals let it be known.

Many astronomers and scientists claim that this is proof that we are approaching the sun, one of the many theories that relate to the destruction of the earth and the end of our race.

Are we approaching the sun of our universe?
Jilliam Scudder is a popular astrophysicist and fervent believer that the earth will see the end of her days thanks to her own star. The excessive heat coming from the Sun will cause the water of the seas to boil and evaporate, making the atmosphere as hot as Venus.

We don’t really know if this is as Scudder says it is, but what we do know is that the incident in Russia could be proof that what the astrophysicist said is true.