The Dark Energy, A Great Enigma For Astronomy!

La Energía Oscura, ¡Un Gran Enigma Para La Astronomía!

Over the years, space and the universe have been the subject of many questions that have arisen, ranging from the creation of the universe itself to life on other planets, and although many of the mysteries that surround it have been answered in recent years, there are still unknowns that astronomers try to resolve, but still have no precise conclusions.

Astronomy and the mystery that envelops the universe.
In 1920 it was discovered that the Universe is in constant expansion, something we know for certain today. This discovery contradicted all the knowledge about astronomy that we had in the past, because those studies had stated that, on the contrary, the Universe was contracting.

According to astronomers, the only possible cause for the Universe to expand is that “something” is forcing the cosmos itself to separate, causing a universal expansion. That is where the concept of the Dark Energy comes in.

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Dark Energy, the enigma of astronomy.
It has been said that 73% of the Universe is made of Dark Energy, but what is Dark Energy really? The only thing known for certain is a particle compound that is incapable of absorbing, reflecting or emitting any light, so it cannot be detected by any method of electromagnetic radiation observation. Technically, no astronomy specialist has been able to observe it directly.


Scientists have been able to discover and “study” the Dark Energy due to its effects on objects that are visible to us, as it is believed that unexplained transfers of stars to other galaxies are due to the Dark Energy.

For years, Astronomers have used computers and satellites in an attempt to collect information about Dark Energy, but all they have achieved is the ability to create projections about the behavior of galaxies. However, there are still many great questions, What is the Dark Energy, What causes it, Where does it come from?