The Creation of the Universe Was It A God or The Big Ban?

La Creación de el universo ¿Fue Un dios o El Big Ban?

Even though today, the knowledge we have about the universe reaches many things that go from our own solar system and planets outside it, even today, there are many mysteries that have not been able to be answered clearly, which has given rise to countless theories, each one crazier than the other, but which, nevertheless, make us really doubt whether everything we know is true.

The universe and everything around us.
The enormous amount of discoveries that have appeared over the years has made the human being’s curiosity grow with them, wanting to discover everything about them. From our origin, the origin of galaxies, planets, solar systems or, the simplest and most intriguing of all, are there other life forms in the universe? At first it might even sound self-centered to think that, in something infinite like the universe itself, we are the only form of life that inhabits it, but what is beyond us?

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The creation of the universe and life in it.
The first question that comes to mind when we talk about the universe around us is What was there before the universe, how was it created, what was there before it? That is one of the unanswered questions that, after hundreds of years of study, remains unanswered today. The universe is believed to be around 13700 million years old and the Big Bang theory is the most accepted of its creation. But what was there before that event is still a mystery with many theories and few answers, or so one thinks.


Another of the great mysteries surrounding the universe is the formation of life, because it is believed that life in the universe did not originate on earth and, contrary to what is thought, on earth it originated after the planet was habitable, when millions of organisms arrived on steroids.

Knowing this, the possibility of not being the only living beings in the universe seems much more feasible, doesn’t it?