The Chinese station that was watching the universe impacted the planet and was destroyed.

Estación China que vigilaba el universo impactó en el planeta y quedó destrozada


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Algo salió mal.

The Chinese laboratory investigating the universe was destroyed after the impact on the Pacific Ocean
Tiangong-1 was a Chinese space station that was launched into orbit in 2011, was 8 tons heavy and had a special laboratory to monitor the activity of the universe and our planet from the outside. Thanks to these facilities, the Shenzhou 8, 9 and 10 missions could be carried out in different years. Just in 2016, an official from the Chinese space agency reported that the station had gotten out of control and would fall to earth in a resounding manner.

It disintegrated as it entered our planet’s atmosphere as it entered from outer space at an incredible rate.

When information about the station’s lack of control came to light, many people feared that it might crash in a crowded place and that human lives would be lost, but the Chinese space agency said that this situation was relatively impossible, one in 700 million. In fact, in all these years of space flight, no one has ever been injured by crashed ships or satellites.

The agency urged those interested to watch the sky by the impact deadline because, according to the agency, a star-studded show or meteor shower could be observed on the same day. The impact of the station was scheduled for mid-April, however, it reached our atmosphere on April 2 of this year, much earlier than planned. The laboratory was globally destroyed by the heat it was exposed to upon entering our planet and had a dramatic impact on the Pacific Ocean.

On impact in one of the most remote places on our planet, no one could observe the phenomenon promised by the Chinese space agency, but at least there were no injuries or human losses. Unfortunately, China has lost one of the best space stations ever created and it will be years before another one of these technological devices is sent back into space.