The asteroid “skull” will be seen on our planet again in 2018



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Algo salió mal.

The terrifying asteroid will approach us again in November of this year.

It was in 2015 that a scary looking asteroid passed through the vicinity of our planet at a really short distance, in fact, scientists came to think that it would crash into the earth and cause considerable damage to the impact site. Fortunately none of this happened, but the experts also started to do some studies on the asteroid and captured some shocking images. Scientifically it is called 2015 TB145, but most people know it as the Halloween asteroid, not only because it looks like a skull, but because it was discovered by Halloween Eve.

Many scientists have tracked the human skull-shaped asteroid, including NASA experts, and concluded that their next visit to our solar system will take place in November this year. In addition, they revealed that it is a body close to the earth and is of the Apollo type. Its closeness has allowed experts to study it more freely.

The asteroid will pass through our planet and will continue to be evaluated
Different specialized telescopes have been used to carry out asteroid studies, especially those of the Sierra Nevada Observatory, Calar Alto Observatory and La Hita Observatory. Thanks to that we now know that their rotation is 2.94 hours, in this sense we can understand that this is the length of their day. The stellar object is estimated to be between 650 and 700 metres in size and its shape is ellipsoid.

By November, the skull asteroid will pass around our planet again, but this time at a longer distance and will not be able to capture clear images as in 2015, but scientists are looking for a way to capture this historic moment so that everyone in the world can observe the phenomenon.