STS-48 Mission – NASA Hides More Than We Think

Mision STS-48 - La NASA Oculta Más De Lo Que Creemos


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The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has been the target of many conspiracy theories over the years. But, there is a multitude of mysteries that have been related to this agency of the U.S. government since its creation and that still, in our days, continue to be topics of debate in every room or space forum.

The secrets that NASA has kept from us.
But if we are talking about the many mysteries that have been around NASA all these years, we have to talk about UFOs of all the information that the agency has been trying to censor practically since its creation.

STS-48 mission, one of NASA’s best kept secrets.
It took place on November 15, 1991, when NASA’s space shuttle Discovery remained in orbit around the planet Earth. At that time, one of the cameras captured a chain of images that, to this day, continues to implant the seed of doubt about the universe in all researchers…

In these images it could be clearly seen as an unidentified circular object moving from one side to the other. That “luminous object” suddenly appeared below the horizon line and suddenly moves to the left of the screen.

However, the strangest thing happens after a few seconds, when the strange object becomes static for about a second, then suddenly turns around and vanishes quickly. Instantly, another similar object appears leaving the atmosphere at the same impressive speed, as if it were a missile fired from the planet.

For the most ardent UFO believers and certain researchers, the maneuvers performed by those shown in the images are strong evidence of technology driven by beings from other planets. However, the most skeptical are only special gases or simply space debris being moved by attraction generated by the earth and the shuttle itself.

secrets of the nasa

The truth is that NASA has never really clarified what these unidentified objects were, what would be those unidentified objects that can be seen in the images of the STS-48 mission?