Strange phenomenon in the universe, more than 900 near-Earth asteroids have disappeared.

Extraño fenómeno en el universo han desaparecido más de 900 asteroides cercanos a la Tierra


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Algo salió mal.

900 asteroids that were near the planet have disappeared.
This is a mystery that so far no one has been able to explain, astronomers claim they can’t even determine if these asteroids made it into the Earth’s atmosphere and hit somewhere in our world, or simply disappeared in the strangest way. The size of these bodies was not very precise and not all had the same characteristics, the experts even maintain that their trajectory was no longer followed.

Experts at the Minor Planet Center say that in order to calculate their orbits, it is necessary to observe each asteroid for a long period of time and that is almost impossible for them, as there are some telescopes that take at least 20 hours to alert them to a possible sighting in space. This delay causes the stellar body to be lost sight of and scientists cannot determine the size, speed or closeness of each of them. This is an alert, as these subjects do not know if these asteroids have a dangerous mass for our planet.

The asteroids could impact our planet.
Experts do not know exactly if any of these asteroids can return to the orbit of our planet and enter the atmosphere, they do not know the damage they can cause and much less have the knowledge of their trajectory. The 900 asteroids could be anywhere in the universe and that’s really worrying. In fact, some people claim that this may harm the estimation of celestial bodies found in the earth’s vicinity.

If 900 asteroids were able to disappear from the radar, it is quite possible that there are other celestial bodies in the universe and no scientist has noticed. We can even talk about the existence of Nibiru at a considerable distance from the earth and not even NASA would have noticed. That’s why more and more people are asking themselves where can these stellar bodies be found?