SHOCKING images of the NASA of the shock of a probe with a comet.



On July 4, 2005, the impact of the probe of the Deep Impact mission with the comet Tempel 1 occurred, it was unprecedented since it was the first time an object manufactured by us towards such a thing.

The newly published photographs show the occult of NASA towards us, the projectile weighed 370 kg and the shock against the comet was 37,000 km/h, in the images you can see the surface of the comet after the impact, which deforms but after a while recovers its original form.

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NASA’s conclusion is that the impact did not affect the comet at all. The name of the comet Tempel 1 owes its name to the German astronomer Wihelm Tempel, who discovered it in 1867.

The reason for the impact was simply the study of comets to know more about its interior (nucleus) carried out by the space program Deep Impact Spacecraft, which had a budget of 330 million dollars, this consisted in throwing projectiles to the surface of the Comets. The impact that we’ve mentioned before gave the possibility to study the nucleus of the comet and to see its homogenous composition, almost equal to the one of the surface

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The before and after the sock of the probe with the comet Tempel 1

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After 9 years, NASA ended the Deep Impact mission (2013) when it lost contact with the probe. The researchers say the experiment was very significant for the investigation of comets, but to study the origin of comets and the solar system, since the comet had particles from all places where it passed.

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