Shocking enigmas hidden in Jupiter


We’re absolutely sure that our vast universe is full of mysteries and even though conventional scientists boast of having all relevant information on a subject related to space, the reality is that it’s not enough a lifetime to know, to study and to understand even a small part of the fascinating enigmas hidden in the cosmos, as demonstrated by the incursion of the space probe Juno to the enormous planet Jupiter, whose results revealed impressive data of which astronomers had no idea until that moment.


Jupiter: A giant with many hidden enigmas

Modern astronomers thought they knew everything about this gaseous giant, but the images recently transmitted by the Juno spacecraft show that practically everything they said they knew about this planet was based on erroneous data, as they were able to verify that essential elements such as their composition and magnetosphere are actually completely different from what was believed.

It’s therefore reasonable to suppose that the original descriptive data of the planet Jupiter was manipulated by old domes of power, obeying the interest to hide the infinity of enigmas enclosed in the giant of our solar system.

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According to Scott Bolton, head of the mission that’s currently investigating everything on this planet through the space probe Juno, the new information revealed is absolutely dazzling, “it’s like discovering a new civilization, this will definitely mark a milestone in history as happened in… is it 1492 or 1969?” He said.

Official secrecy

Although senior US space agency officials intend to keep this information under strict control, there are also middle-level officials interested in conveying these important discoveries to the world, so they’ve leaked reports to alternative media on which we’re based to share this post.

These reports indicate that Jupiter is in a phase of life formation, similar to the process experienced by the earth just before the appearance of the first living being, so we can presume that in a few years the environmental conditions of this giant planet will be optimal for life and for this reason they pretend to keep this discovery a secret, because it can be an escape route for the elites when the Earth is destroyed.

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