Scientists believe that several moons in our universe have extraterrestrial life

Científicos creen que varias lunas de nuestro universo tienen vida extraterrestre

There’s extraterrestrial life on some moon in the universe
In the universe there are many planets that can be taken as object of study to determine if they can be inhabited or not, however, after many years and several discoveries, scientists have found about 121 giant gaseous exoplanets whose probabilities of hosting life are only 20%, this is due to the amount of negative elements that influence the formation of microorganisms and although they are in the inhabitable areas of its star, do not meet the necessary characteristics for life to exist or simply that they are colonized.

However, beyond these extra-solar planets, there are their rocky moons, natural satellites that until now, have many elements similar to those of the earth, in this sense, it is quite likely that they have extraterrestrial civilizations, so most experts have as their main object of study these stellar bodies.

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The universe possesses extraterrestrial life and the Moon Europe is the first candidate.
For experts, the moons that exist throughout the universe have the capacity to have extraterrestrial life, as they possess water, oxygen and minerals similar to those found in our celestial body and one of them is Europe, the moon of Jupiter. To discover extraterrestrials on the moons or planets of the universe would be a great advance for science, however, this could also be something dangerous for everyone because we do not know what the reaction of those beings would be, much less ours.

The question that many are asking today is, in the event that it is discovered that extraterrestrial life is found on those moons, will we be able to accept that there are other races besides ourselves? Let’s remember that life is every existing microorganism on the planet or in the universe, but many of us already have an idea of what extraterrestrials are, so, assuming they exist, would experts dare to investigate first-hand the candidate moons to harbor life?