Satellite provides us with images of Egypt’s pyramids from space



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We know what the pyramids of Egypt look like from space.
In outer space there are different satellites and robots monitoring a good part of the universe, so that we can see and know first-hand everything that happens there, from its usual changes to the smallest threats that our planet may have. Over the last few years we have been able to see the appearance of several planets thanks to these probes and other machinery sent into space by different agencies, but now we can also see what the pyramids of Egypt look like through an ESA satellite.

Proba-1 shows us the pyramids of Egypt in space

The microsatellite sent by ESA into space, its main objective is to observe the earth, but it also acquires, processes, archives and distributes the data of the universe through its highly innovative technology. A few weeks ago he was able to provide us with one of the most striking images of the earth, specifically of Egypt, as the oldest pyramids on our planet could be seen clearly. These photographs are captured using the hyperspectral camera and an experimental camera called CHRIS and HRC.

These cameras are so specialized that they can capture images at up to 5 different angles from outer space. The photographs are in black and white with 5 meters resolution, so each one of them can be observed accurately. In those of the pyramids of Egypt you can see from first to Keops, which is about 146 meters high. Followed by this is Kéfren, which measures 143 metres and, finally, Micerino, with a height of 64 metres.

Some scientists argue that if Proba-1 can provide us with these images of the earth, it can easily be assigned a mission to any planet in our solar system to assess its climatic conditions and whether there is, in any way, any civilization or life of any kind on them.