Rovers secret operator sent by NASA to planet Mars


The cars sent by NASA to the planet Mars are supposed to be unmanned flying devices, which work by obtaining light energy through solar panels. Then, it’s striking that the Rovers Spirit and Opportunity reached the red planet in 2004 and although it was originally arranged that they were able to be active only for 90 days, 13 years have passed and Opportunity is still fully functional, which evidences that there’s a secret operator in charge of the maintenance of this ship… will it be a martian?

It should be noted that at first the Rovers’ mission was planned for a maximum period of three months, after which time it was assumed that their solar panels would be crammed with the martian dust, being unable to capture energy and feed the electricity device.

Hypotheses that could explain the length of the Rover’s life on Mars

Naturally this deception of the US space agency hasn’t gone unnoticed by the ufological community and conspiracy theorists who have initiated independent investigations using different contacts and confidential sources to find the truth behind the unexplained length of life of Rover Opportunity on Mars.

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Apparently at least one of these vehicles found something more than a desert planet, most likely encountered an individual or an entire society of Mars inhabitants, who have learned to use the Rovers as a means of communication with NASA, whose engineers in turn indicate the type of maintenance necessary to keep it active all this time.

Another hypothesis arises that the Rover Opportunity does have human crew, a fact NASA could’ve kept secret to hide that on Mars there are the necessary conditions for life, keeping this information reserved only for elites who plan to escape of the Earth, when it finally succumbs to the final cataclysm that is prophesied.

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